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Best smell proof containers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Swag531, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. What have you found to be the best way of organizing your paraphernalia and pot with the least amount of smell? I don't really need to hide the smell or anything, I just don't really like my apartment always smelling like it all the time and I'm a pretty organized person, always putting things in a specific place etc.
    What are your methods?
  2. Put your stash in a mason jar. Keep your pipes/bongs or whatever clean, and just keep them in a shoe box in your closet. You should be fine.
  3. don't know about containers,but foodsaver bags work perfect.
  4. put my stash in a jar and my other stuff in a big plastic bag. all of that goes inside a shoe box
  5. any rubber sealed glass jar, i can keep the stankiest herb in mine with no smell and then you open it up and BAM, the whole house stank
  6. Mason jars or tupperware
  7. Thanks! Need to figure out where to get some mason jars. I normally just use large medicine bottles but a)space is limited and b)doesn't help stop smell much

  8. I use mason jars for my stash. I even have this huge 30 inch tall mason jar I got at a flea market. Keep my little 12 inch bong in there sealed up when not use. Even though I empty out my bongs after every use, I still hate the smell.

    And I have a little plastic storage with pull out shells that I keep most of my pipes in.

    You can get mason jars most anywhere. walmart, targets, any hardware store will have them. crafts stores. sometimes even grocery stores will sell a few.
  9. Mason jar or vacuum sealed bags for greater weights.
  10. I got a vitavac from local head shop to keep my stash in. It's separated into small bags already and then they all go into the container. Pretty fantastic about smell. Just like opening a fresh can of coffee for the first time, every time.
  11. Don't get really dank stuff. I smelled my dispensary from quite a distance hahaha no way theres any covering that up in my room. Thankfully, my parents think the smell is just bad hygiene on my part. Silly straight folk....
  12. Mason Jars.

    you can get them at your supermarket
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    Not trying to push GC products on you, but I am pretty over-the-top when it comes to hiding the stash. I bought a Coffeevac jar on GC for $10 and it is airtight, like a mason jar. I have a small mason jar that I put inside the Coffeevac, then seal that up and its perfect. If you need more protection, orange peels work well. And if you use my method, you can put a pill bottle inside the jar, INSIDE the Coffeevac/whatever.
    Like a beautiful Russian doll of dank :smoke:
  14. I've got myself a nice glass jar with a rubber seal and a latch on top. And I smoke pretty much only out of vaporizers so the smell is minimal.

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