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best smell proof container for the club?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by majikskittles, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. i go out to the club a lot and ive been too sketched out to try and get stuff in, we used to use my friends bra, lol, but they smelled it once and now they check her pretty thoroughly every time, the what do you guys think a good container to seal off the smell and and whatever the container is its gotta be stealthy and plastic, cause they pat you down and use the metal detector wand at the door
  2. small perscription pill bottle.
  3. dont you think they'd feel that? lol
  4. new club same technique
  5. From my experiences when I was younger, I was in various major clubs in NYC such as pacha, avalon or suzie wongs .. They pat u down pretty well and using a plastic container prob wouldn't be the best way to conceal.

    We used to either roll a blunt(s) and tuck it into the lining of a fitted hat someone was wearing .. Or keep the bud in a bag and put it under the sole of ur shoe in the middle part between your heel and toes .. Where the least pressure would be as not to squish it .. I highly reccomend using grinder bud to sneak in this way .. So that it's not all compressed when u break it out up in tha club
  6. [quote name='"majikskittles"']dont you think they'd feel that? lol[/quote]

    do they lift your sack? then no.
  7. buy a box of cigarettes, throw away cigarettes, instant joint container
  8. ehhhhh maybe that'd work, i smoke some dank ass buds so id probably need air tight
  9. Joint in empty marker; strapped to inner thigh.

  10. spray the outside of the box of cigarettes with cologne, or put something fragrant inside
  11. Tic Tac Box
  12. Or one of those gum jars..
    They sell them at 7/11 their little bottles just throw out the gum put the bud in their. Its airtight smells like gum and nothing suspicious about it.
    Their like 2 bucks..
  13. Plastic m&m container.

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