Best SMALL tent for growing two plants?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by RJ42, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. I am in need of a tent that has a 16in or under width, which I can fit 2 plants in along with my 150w HPS.
    I've been looking at the DR40 and GL40, and they are my two favorites right now, but they are still a bit small lengthwise.

    Does anyone know a tent that is roughly 16 x 16-32 x 4-6 feet? Been looking everywhere but I just can't seem to find that size. Seems like an obvious size that would be in high demand, yet none of the big brands I've found have anything even close with slight exception to the DR and GL 40.
  2. Why those dimensions exactly?
  3. I am putting it into a closet for the time being. Only about 17 in wide, but 5 feet+ in length wise and 8 feet+ tall.
    And basically I just want the smallest tent possible in which I can get maximum yield from 2 plants.
  4. Well, I guess I'm going with the DR40 then, not that anyone cares, ha.
  5. I have the dr40 man it's definatly a good choice hahah. I'd say it will fit 2 plants maybe 3 max

  6. Cool thanks! Put my order through a couple days ago for the DR40. That's good news that I could fit two plants.

    Also starting an ak-48 grow journal when I get my whole setup (tuesday or so).
    Going to be my second plant!
  7. No disrespect but I'm a cultivation virgin n I'm 30 days veg at 19" n 20" and I'm thinkin leave it another 5 or 7 days veg then flower...

    But my m8s say leave it the extra few days to try get the extra inches and then flower...

    His was 19 inches at flower n now 3 wks later they stand 46" with natural.sunlight 12hrs a day

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