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  1. hey i was just wondering if anyone could recommend a good strain to use that stays small enough,has a good yield.high thc & tastes great? my maximim grow hetght is 50 to 65 cm. i was looking 8 ball kush from barneys farm,but just really wanted hear other peoples advice before went ahead & made an order. thanks again for any help or info
  2. You won't find much help here, you need to head to the growing section.

    But to be honest, any indica can be grown that short. Look up the LST method.
  3. Low Strength Training.
  4. lowryder or sea of green
  5. Any autoflowering strains stay pretty short, as well. (for the most part)

    Hell you could switch 12/12 from clones you just got and they would stay small. its all about training, and when you switch to flowering. Because most of the stretch occurs during veg time. :smoke:

    fixed ;)
  6. I know one strain thats auto and short called red dwarf,my cuz grew it a while back,thing stayed really small,not high quality smoke but it gets the job done
  7. thanks for that info,much appreciatted. ive done autoflowers like joint doctors lowryder 2 and did them successsfully,but they lacked high thc count,yield and taste. what i was really looking for was good feminised strains not autoflower strains. im finished with auto flower strains due to lack of high thc counts,low yields(maybe an oz and a bit aplant?) and lack of taste. any help is always much appreciated
  8. Bulldog seed company sells great short plants that have nice thc levels,they also have some short kush strains,peace
  9. You could always do a 12/12 from seed perpetual.
  10. auto flower + LST!
  11. Lowryder 2 is good for high yields on a smaller plant. I've pulled over 2.5Oz off a 19" tall Lowryder 2, and 1Oz off a 9" -- and those were just CFL grows. The yields are very stable for an auto strain. THC is around 14% or so, according to most sources. It is a Sativa/Indica mix, roughly 50/50.

    Check out the cultivation forum for more info:
    Absolute Beginners - Forums

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