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  1. Hi, starting my first grow and my friend gave me a list of things to buy in order to get started. What I have so far is just the lighting system with a remote ballast, 1 MH bulb and 1 HPS, and a timer for the light as well as a thermometer. This is the list of other things he told me I need to start, besides seeds of course. What are good sites to buy these types of things and am I missing anything?

    Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Soil Bloom
    Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Grow
    Botanicare Liquid Karma
    Oscillating Fan
    Extension Cord
    Power Strip
    Measuring Spoons
    Pulverized Garden Lime
    Misting Bottle
    Light Hanging Hardware (chain, hooks, etc)
    16 oz. Plastic Cups
    1 Gallon Grow Bags
    3 Gallon Grow Bags
    Temperature & Humidity Gauge

    Thanks guys
    get the amazon prime free 2 day shipping. just cancel it before 30 days =)

  3. Sweet, thank you. Am I missing anything crucial that could help my yields?
  4. yes. knowledge.
    and possibly some calmag plus
    botanicare makes a very good one.
  5. earthworm castings. kelp meal.

    or botanicare's cal mag which contains EDTA EDTA is in such widespread use that it has emerged as a persistent organic pollutant.[23] It degrades to ethylenediaminetriacetic acid, which then cyclizes to the diketopiperizide, a cumulative, persistent, organic environmental pollutant. An alternative chelating agent with fewer environmental pollution implications is EDDS.

    EDTA exhibits low acute toxicity with LD50 (rat) of 2.0 – 2.2 g/kg.[4] It has been found to be both cytotoxic and weakly genotoxic in laboratory animals. Oral exposures have been noted to cause reproductive and developmental effects.[9] The same study by Lanigan[9] also found that both dermal exposure to EDTA in most cosmetic formulations and inhalation exposure to EDTA in aerosolized cosmetic formulations would produce exposure levels below those seen to be toxic in oral dosing studies.

    The solubilization of ferric ions near neutral pH is accomplished using EDTA. This property is useful in agriculture including hydroponics, especially in calcareous soils. Otherwise, at near-neutral pH, iron(III) forms insoluble salts, which are less bioavailable. Aqueous [Fe(edta)]- is used for removing ("scrubbing") hydrogen sulfide from gas streams. This conversion is achieved by oxidizing the hydrogen sulfur to elemental sulfur, which is non-volatile:
  6. or your local hydro store. If your in a big city you have them even if you think you don't.
  7. You will need a suitable space, meaning well-ventilated, temp-controlled, air- and light-proof, and stealthy. This is the biggest challenge for many indoor growers.

    And I'd recommend bigger than 3-gal pots.
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    I'll get some bigger ones, thanks. I'm going to be growing in my closet, it's about 4x4. There's no ventilation with the door closed but if I keep fans going and open the door a few times a day will that suffice?

  9. No that wont. Your HPS/MH (HID) light will generate massive amount of heat with no where to vent it will get over 100 degrees in your closet and very fast...why closets attics, sheds and garages tend to suck for grows. The later suck since there temps vary so much. Your plants will bake. Until you figure that part out via cutting holes in the door or another location I would not start. You can test this out yourself by turning your light on with the doors closed. In a very fast manner it will be searing hot in there.
  10. Most of the soil stuff you can get at a local garden store or even a Lowe's or home depot. Cords, lighting, power strips were all purchased at Wal-Mart for me, just make sure the voltage and amp allowance match up. The rest of the things, your best bet is Amazon, never once had a bad experience with Amazon, great prices and always quick shipping. GOOD LUCK!

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