Best site for music dowloads?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by g0pher, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Non I-tunes users - where do yall download yall's music from?

    Free of course
  2. what? cds mannnnn ;)
  3. Just google whatever album you're looking for followed by "mediafire"

    usually works for me finding most things
  4. Most often use torrents, but occasionally MediaFire if there's no torrents available.

    Full albums...
  6. you could try to google pirate app and see where it takes you ;)
  7. Firefox's Download Helper + any music streaming website for individual songs. Torrents for albums.
  8. :)

    hope i helped!

  9. Seriously. It's 2011, learn how to torrent.
  10. I kinda get the impression that torrents are on their way out.
  11. never gonna happen
  12. YouTube easy downloader.
  13. Huh? What gives you this impression?

    I don't see anything replacing them anytime soon. I think P2P programs likes Limewire are pretty much done with and nobody is gonna use websites to download MP3s like they do torrents
  14. Torrents, or waffles but you gotta get invited to waffles.


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