Best simple bong around $150-$200

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    I'm currently looking for a beaker bong with only a diffused downstem perc (for easy cleaning) that's around $150-$200. Any suggestions on bongs or even just brands would be greatly appreciated, quality for that price is the most important but aesthetics would also be cool!
  2. gravlabs has a bong that i dont know the name but you will see it on rawog420's channel on youtube. the ice catcher is actually just a hole which is awesome, its thick and the downstem doesnt end in a hole, only in little slits so whatever u pul trough doesnt go to the bong. i really like that bong but i cant afford it, if you can you should definetely buy it
    theres some really great bongs here check this one out i have it and i love it and its a great price

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