Best shades for hiding your red eyes.

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  1. I gotta say Locs. [​IMG]
  2. Big ones with orange frames haha. That's me.
  3. Locs are gangsta lol. i just got a pair of walgreens shades that're really dark.
  4. [​IMG]the lenses aren't as see through as they appear! the bigger the better as long as it doesn't do the bug effect
  5. [​IMG]

    got um for a discounted 100

    its a lot for some shades but as long as i dont break and i dont lose them they will last forever so its all good to me
  6. things similar to these

  7. there are no proper words to describe how AMAZING those are.....
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    just bought these bad boys




  9. i got some like that, only they are from like 1977, i wear them nearly constantly including in class before the semester ended
  10. what brand are those in that picture??
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  12. bottom are oakley, i have the rootbeer frame and gold polarized mirror lenses.

    the top are persol, i love them.
  13. yeah, i meant the bottom ones. heh

    my ex loves oakleys. he tried buying me a pair, but "asian fit". i was slightly offended, but whatever, they were ugly and i didn't want him to pay like $150+ for them. that's just ridunkulous.
  14. worth it, IMO :rolleyes::cool:
  15. conformist. :rolleyes:
  16. hey at least i can conform in style.

  17. not sure, guess they're called tom ford's dunno
  18. whatever.

    let's hump. and keep those glasses on. :cool:

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