Best sexual moment you had?

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    It would have to be my first time getting head (I'm a female since I always have to clarify) and I remember it was the first time I came that way. All I saw was white light when it happened haha!

  2. I was having sex with my boyfriend (at the time) in the forest in Santa Cruz , and to put it simply it was was still dark out but early morning so there was a lightness in the sky..I just remember closing my eyes, feeling such an ecstasy, feeling at one with Earth too, then seeing all of these beautiful bright colors like pinks and reds and oranges..never ever going to forget that moment.
  3. I was alone during that moment.
  4. The first time I had sex reverse cowgirl I came so hard that i literally had tears filling up my eyes. It was amazing :devious: :cry: :hello: :yay: 
  5. One time, when I was a small child, I walked in on my parents. They invited me in the bed to join them. Some of the best sex in my life.
    Then there was one time I saw a dead bear on the side of the road and I fucked that.  Tremendous orgasm.
  6. When my dick entered some warm sugar walls for the very first time. Will never forget that feeling.
  7. The very last time I had sex it was like I was hearIng angels. Seriously, I think we both came so hard we almost had an aneurysm.

    Maybe it was the position, maybe it was the mood, I don't care it was awesome.

    Last week, the oral experience it had was quite awesome. He stuck his tongue so deep and I got so wet.. Good shit.
  8. when my ex woke me up by blowing me i literally lost my mind
  9. Had a threesome (2 women) worried I would cum very fast. I drank and smoked just enough to last a lot longer. Fucking amazing.
  10. High on blow railing this chick for over a hour. Cumming nearly made me pass out it felt so good.

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  11. Haha that chick must of felt proud!

    Just like your avatar.
  12. Best sexual moment, if were being honest.... I started doing no-fap, hadnt busted a nut in 3 weeks LEGIT. Finally met up with girl, she started giving me dome. Lookin me straight in the eyes while she went at it, came in under 2 mins and it was the best nut of my life. 
  13. You're asking to get banned.
  14. Just got home from a snowboarding trip out west, we're making the naughty thenway dogs do it. I get an intense rush just as things were getting to loud for my brother in the next room, now she KNOWS to keep it down. She faces me soon after the fury of love and performs amazing follow up head, I didn't hesitate to empty the batteries and give her my warm delight. We met eyes as she lies down, picture perfect in all accounts. It really makes a difference when the person means something to you, for whatever time being.

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  15. For describing a sexual experience ?

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  17. Last sex i had.

    Damn I had her cumming and cumming over and over again. Seeing her squirm and soak the sheets, as she moaned outta ecstasy really got me and her going. She got up and pushed me onto my back so she could give me head. Slowly she took every inch and finally took it all, which she could never do, so seeing her work her tongue and mouth like that really turned it up a notch in there. I pulled her up and she climbed ontop of me and and rode me. She said, just lay there im taking care of you. She rode me like never before. Having her bounce that ass, the way she did, made me bust all over her. She grabbed it after I came and stuck it back in, we went at it for another hour.

    Just something about that sex, maybe we both knew it was our last time and that made it better. But that sex was Fucking indescribable.
  18. When I was in the 12th grade
    I was getting head from my girlfriend
    And I filled her mouth up so much
    She looked like a chipmunk
    Best nut of my life
  19. So many good secks.
  20. I would say it was the time my (now ex) fiance gave me head for nearly 3 hours, but the best moment was when she made me cum from it. I've never gotten a orgasm from oral before, and it was amazing sharing that experience with her. 

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