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Best sex of my life

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GoneWithTheSmok, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Last night i had the most amazeing sex of my life with this girl i have been drooling over forever! wish i had taken pics for you guys.
  2. Where's the story man?
  3. Well this thread is fucking pointless.

    Thanks for the disapointment I wanted to read a story
  4. i killed a man
  5. Probably on unmentionables.
  6. i fucked dat bitch last night too
  7. #7 NorCalPiff, Jan 19, 2012
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    best sex of my life wasn't with the hottest girl I've fucked (who was my girlfriend for 2 years, that CUNT) it was with like a 7/10 little bit chubby, bairly at ALL. i was royally fucked up oh my god i should be fucking dead. 4.5 hrs dude, it was a record for the books. when she was sucking my dick for days she was like "r u almost done!??!?!" cause i was fucked up going forever. i was like "keep going in a minute yo". when she was on top i nodded out, she slapped me, proceeding to say "did u just fall asleep" i was like "no yo". so we continued. it was chill. fuckin bitches when ur royally fucked up is a hit or miss, 1 time i couldn't even get hard bro. oh well it was worth that high that night.

    it was cool cause I'm just average size (6 inches) & she couldn't even walk for a week. she told all of her friends too and i ended up getting more pussy months after. thats another story. the 1 time i couldn't get hard that bitch told some people but so many people were at the party that night and literally saw me incoherent the whole night on the couch with the girl. i meen royally fucked up on things i can not speak upon (as for the first story)
    she swallowed a water bottle of my jizz that night yo. what a nostalgic night, i was 18 almost 19 (guar turned 21) the most active ages of my sex life so far were 15-19. , maybe 1 day i will care again (fuckin drugs man)

    a great feeling is facing a blunt after getting out of the shower after u pound a girl for days. i love that shit. my sex game is weak lately dude, i haven't been trying or even interested in that matter since I've moved. fuckin pothead.
  8. [quote name='"Phatpack"']i killed a man[/quote]

    In nam.
  9. i just got done jerking off too

  10. lmao, fits him perfectly!
  11. Yeah there has to be a good story you cant just say the spoiler and thats all.
  12. I had my dick out and everything...
  13. Some girl in my hometown who I was cool wanted my dick so bad (told me she wants BBC) but that was like a while ago, haven't been in my hometown in a while but I bet if I visit she'll still want to fuck me (She's a petite Romanian chick reminds me of Kate Beckinsale but with a tan).

  14. ur that guy who said he never got head and it oldu to suck ur own dick

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