Best setup 4x4 Secret room?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Zach Fielders, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have decided to give growing my own bud a try and I need a little help. I build a secret room behind a wall that has about 4x4x8ft of space. I have already purchased and installed two
    (Active Air 400 CFM 6-inch Inline fans). I will be using one as an intake and one as an outtake. I also have the variable speed controllers for both fans. The light I am using is a Hydrofarm Phantom CMh Reflector with a Philips Master Power CDM 3100K lamp. Now that I have my room setup, I was wondering what the best growing medium would be? I couldn't decide which method would be good for me to use as a beginner, but also get a good yield. I have heard that you should only have 8 plants per light. Is that true?

    -Hydroponic DIY
    -Ebb and flow
    -growing in pots with soil

    Those are the only 3 options that I am familiar with! Please help!
  2. Coco is what ive been told is the way to go for us noobs. Im getting ready to embark on the same adventure in coco. Good luck and also im not sure if anyone else would want to give their two cents but ive been told to keep the plant count low for the first grow. 4x4 can get crowded real quick. Ive decided to start with 2 or 3 im still not sure. Are you scrogging?

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  3. @ganjafarmer521 Thanks for the tip on the coco. Yes, I do plan on scrogging! The only setback I have right now is deciding to use my regular seeds (which could end up being males) or ordering some feminized ones to make sure I wont have any hermie problems. What did you do?
  4. I am also going with coco for my first indoor frow and am quickly falling in love with it. Hempy style from what i read is got to be one of the easiest growing styles. Id look it up. But i went with bubbleponics/Dwc for my seed. But i recently found out a friend of mine has 2 clones waiting for me so when i get them they'll be going hempy style.

    Your friendly neighborhood 187budz

    400w hid 5G DWC coco Berry Bomb first indoor grow
  5. I think your airflow is a little overkill honestly, even a single 400cfm is a bit big, but certainly don't use one each on intake/exhaust. Use one as exhaust (With possibly a variac on it to turn down the speed without damaging the motor) and have a passive intake twice the area of the exhaust, so an 8-10" round opening, or similar area.

    I would start with soil honestly, its much harder to mess up with a small mistake.
  6. I concure... most likely a waste of electricity

    Your friendly neighborhood 187budz

    400w hid 5G DWC coco Berry Bomb first indoor grow
  7. Unless heat is an issue in which case u could use the one fan as an exhaust for the room and one for an enclosed loop for the light (assuming its an aircooled hood). How about some pics

    Your friendly neighborhood 187budz

    400w hid 5G DWC coco Berry Bomb first indoor grow

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