best sequel that was never made

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  1. the sixth element

  2. The fucking INCREDIBLES!! Where's that sequel that they oh-so-perfectly set up? :mad:
  3. I nominate Dark City. Not sure how they could do it but I want to know more about that was Matrix-y before the Matrix...

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  4. Terminator 2. That was better than terminator 1.
  5. Dude I think he meant the best sequel that never got made....or maybe my steamroller of sour deisel is doing my reading for me...
  6. But I do agree that T2 was frankly superior of the series. Very very few sequels can say that.
  7. Oh never made.......ok then um.......the aviator. They never explained how Howard Hughes ever lived out his last days. How he died.
     They just left the movie with Leo repeating "the way of the future".
  8. And a sequel needs to be made for "Falling down". Ah, hell, they need to make a freekin TV series out of that movie. Some guy walking around fuckin shit up and never getting caught.
  9. Sorry, gotta add the one I have always waited for, was even promised at the end of the first one but no joy...we need more BB!

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    Little Shop of Horrors (1986) (With ORIGINAL ending)
    Just THINK about it...
    A post apocalyptic film about a race of building-sized, man-eating, talking fucking venus fly traps that take over the world, presumably destroy it, and move on to another one at the end.
    That would be the tits. And don't make it a musical. Just be straight up serious as balls.
    Think about that, huh? Literally millions of those giant things going around destroying shit and eating everyone.
  11. Might that look something like this? From Hellboy 2, another sequel that failed.

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  12. The Departed 2
  13. Empire Strikes Back 
  14. A follow up to Nightmare before Christmas
  15. v for vendetta
  16. Oh they never made Super Mario Brothers 2 lol
    Call up John Leguizamo
  17. And to add to this thread. The ultimate sequel never made was....

    Flash Gordon!

    The end?
  18. I could be a smart-ass and suggest Highlander as the best sequel that never happened as long as "never happened" means "no one wants to admit to it"...
  19. Freddy vs Jason 2, hellooooo? 
  20. It'd be cool to see what a good director/producer would do with Edward Scissorhands.

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