Best SEEDS!!???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by IrieLion04, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Hey i am lookin for you opinion on which seeds i should buy for my indoor grow. They are all going to be feminized, Here are the options..
    1. L.S.D.
    2. White Ruski (AK 47 x White Widow)
    3. Arjan's Ultra Haze #1
    4. White Widow
    5. Blueberry

    these are in no particular order.


    also which site is best to use because many people are saying different ones

  2. I have heard some awesome shit on the white widow!

  3. yes, if your looking for something to help you sleep.
  4. what does best mean? potency? yield? easy to grow? you don't make sense just pick whatever you want youre the one growing it...
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    LSD, no doubt

    best yield, potency and easiest to grow prolly, ive never grown this but its on my top 3

    i have some sub-exotics ive been wanting to run [nothing too crazy , just strains i wanna smoke bad.]

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