Best Seeds To Grow In A Confined Space

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by xxspeakxx, May 29, 2013.

  1. I've been wanting to grow forever, but I'm not sure how to get started, I finally got the idea to make my own little grow box out of a dresser, Probably 2 ft wide and 5 ft tall. Saw some tutorials for setting up into a little grow box, I'm getting the material soon, but I'm taking my time so as not to looks suspicious to anyone.
    My plan is pretty basic - remove the dresser shelves and nail the doors to the front so it looks the same but hollow inside. Line the inside with tin foil. Add a light socket at the top and and 2 fans (one in the top corner pointing down and one in the bottom corner pointing up). Add some hinges to the back so to make a door so I can access the plants. and small cut out that will allow access for an extension chord.
    I'm wanting to grow two plants at a time and the space is big enough to hold two 3 gallon buckets.
    My question now is what to grow and if that will be enough room to grow something to fully.
    i was thinking of using autoflowering plants for a quicker harvest and wanting to grow both an indica and a sativa to start with just so I have both types as a way to judge which I prefer.
    Anyway so my questions are relatively simple.
    What strains do you recommend for a first grow that will work well in that small of a space.
    Also advice on where to get the seeds would be great. I was thinking of using attitude but I'm open to suggestions.

  2. 'Nirvana's ak- strains are indic a domininat and and are a good grower, good first time plants with dense sticky nuggetry, NOT too much of a stretch in flower, and you can always bend the stalks (some like to snap them) to make it branch out more.  AK's will smell skunky, raunchy spice, but u can always fine a pheno with a more relaxing nutty scent.
  3. I've hear tin foil isn't a great idea. Go for mylar it's way way more reflective and doesn't have as many problems with hot spots and is all around better in the long run (so I've been told in person and on here)

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