Best Seeds for a new grower

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  1. Let's hear everyone's opinion
  2. Mandalas 8 miles high is great if you are unsure of your skills as it is pretty indestructible. It is not the most potent strain in the world but in every other aspect it is an A+. *Very* vigorous, nice up high, tolerates heat, drought and pretty much every other newb mistake. It was one of the first two I ran and it is very easy to grow and yields very well in not much time.
  3. I find skunk as a very solid beginner plant, whether super skunk or skunk #1.
  4. Easyryder are what I'm startin with.
  5. Here's one nobody else will give you: FemaleSeeds Ice. This one has been a big hit every time I've grown it. Vigorous, frosty, and never had one hermie on me yet. They're also pretty damn cheap.
  6. next gen grape god is very easy iv put them through everything and they still yield well very tasty smoke.
  7. Blue magoo, it's a super multicross of mainstream strains and has been bred ultra stable, pretty much foolproof, I didn't have space for one so I threw it in my backyard and neglected the shit out of it and it still turned out with bommmbbb nugs full of crystals and trichs galore, unfortunately for the novice, access to this strain is exclusive as I bred it myself and there are less than 15 growers of diff skill levels cultivating it, with less than 200 plants on the face of the earth, and currently around 25 seeds, lucky for us the mother is alive and well, still have seeds from previous generation with some more genetic mixes to them, all are great
  8. For any grower the best seeds are the strain type you prefer to smoke. Why pick any other strain? Easier to grow? It's a weed!!! If indoors and it gets too tall, train or top it. Seems finicky to nutes? Adjust nutes! Why would anyone choose a strain for ease of growth, when all are easy to grow. Just grow the ones you are going to like, regardless of supposed ease of grow. I'd hate to have a bunch of weed i took the time and effort to grow (because it was easy), only to not particularly care for the smoke.
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    I agree with Al Thor,

    Super Skunk is a bit stinky ..but it is an old strain that has decades of grower knowledge to help you get it right, it is good smoke ( not some super cali OG double trich BS ..but good enough) and it yields..enough so even a novice grower can have enough to last till next harvest ..

    besides it is super easy to grow..

    I suggest you buy Sensi Seeds version......


    Edit: Our agreement here, Al Thor, will still not save you from the Great Lord's wrath .... ;)
  10. Skunk is a great girl to start with, Northern Lights is another one...

    Just buy from a good breeder, and you don't need to break the bank to do that.

    The best advice for a new grower is do your homework. That applies to buying seeds just as much as your grow set up, nutes, tools etc. Get out there, hit the search button, read the reviews, and make that educated decision that fits your situation.

    Happy growing brotha :smoke:
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    I agree with Norcali do your homework on setups, read about the types of high you like (indica vs. sativa), read grow journals about setups similar to what you might envision your self setting up. If it's a closet see what guys are stuffing in there and still being able to cool (max amount of lights and efficient use=:D grow and results) same goes for tents or whatever setup you might be planning. See if someone did it the way you might, than learn from them. Back to the original question of which seeds, do you have any seeds from bud you received from bags you bought and liked? That would be were I started, still to this date the best bud I have smoked was from some brick weed I got seeds from and grew out but man what a sativa it was (took almost 20wks flowering) and provided the most euphoric and cerebral high I've had to date, and it had no body (indica) in it at all and was not polluted in my opinion and was just a clear and complete head.
  12. I'm doing my first grow right now. I didn't want a skunk b/c I was afraid the smell would be overpowering. But I agree to get a strain that sounds yummy to you, but I would look at the strain guides as well and not get something that is finicky to nutes.
    I went with Mango. My seeds sprouted one week ago and I can't wait to harvest.

    MANY other great first strains out there, though. I started my search looking at Cannabis Cup Winners - figured I would get something that was proven good.

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