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Best Seedbanks

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by CJsmokeallday, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Okay so i've strolled through some seedbanks being curious to make my first purchase and start growing my selected strain. So im asking based on my specifications what do you see as the best one?

    Quality of seeds purchased: ?/?

    Quality of harvested product: ?/?

    Privacy of shipment: ?/?

    Privacy of purchase: ?/?

    Ease of website and purchase: ?/?

    Prices: ?/?

    (not a big deal) Freebies: ?/?


  2. i have ordered from herbies headshop like 6 times now and have had 3 grows done and one going on now.

    ill just go number
  3. I used single seed center 5 times wveryrhing has been good 8 across the board just stay away from vision seeds or maybe I got a dud and u get 2 free fem seeds changes monthly
  4. Thanks guys! If anyone else to reply could copy and past the rating board it would be helpful. But thanks im going to look em all up.
  5. I ordered my seeds from rhino seeds in the uk I would give them 10-10 on all of it. Plus they guarantee there seeds and if you get a bad batch they will replace it without question.
  6. Hmm that's legit. They have a good selection?
  7. Never ordered anywhere else but I would give attitude excellent scores all the way around. Probably ordered 100 seeds in four orders. All came within a two weeks shipped discretely. Can't really judge a bank on quality of seeds that is the breeders responsibility. Quality of harvest is between the breeder and the grower. All mine have been great smoke though.
  8. Only tried attitude and gypsy nirvana and both were fine
  9. I've recently been on a DNA Genetics kick. Their Lemon OG is absolutely stellar.
  10. I missed it. My bad :/ but thanks whar

  11. I've had the same experience. Great results from both

  12. They're a seedbank, not a breeder.

    AKA They sell Breeders work.

  13. I stand corrected, Still a top notch place to order from, In my experience.
    The Aurora is some of the strongest I have smoked,and I grew up on Goldbud Columbian I know one is indica one sativa, just saying they will send you some bomb ass seeds as promised. Peace bro:smoking:
  14. peak seeds bc has great prices, it took about 2 weeks for my money order to get to them and 2 weeks to receive 15 pack for only 40 bills. They were mixed male females, I only germinated 4 so far, they are in their 4 week after sprouting. I am very pleased so far all look good, its Texada Northern Lights!

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