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  1. I guess beginners would be the best place to start this thread in. I am looking at making a new seed purchase and I had a few in mind, however before I confirm my purchase I wanted some opinions to make sure I was making the right decision for the right reasons.

    I have a few seeds left and the ones I currently have going, I started them in cups and flowered them until they showed sexed, but I think I kinda waited a little too long, as some of them are not going out of flowering mode.

    Basically what I did, was to save me time and soil, start them off in cups then sex them and replant, and I did replant, could you believe my luck I had 8/10 females... I was going for 5/10 wow. well I really would be pissed because these were good seeds the one from attitude giveaway from last Christmas that included skunk x og 18. Although I was able to collect pollen from one male, and the pollen transferred over to females I am not sure if thats a factor. It seems a couple are coming out of flowering mode.

    Still have not used nutes yet, since soil is super rich.


    Ok so after giving you the background, I am going to purchase me some fem seeds just in case something goes wrong with my current batch. I never done that before ( sex them in cups then switch back to veg mode)

    So my intentions to get something quick along with potency is to get some fem autos.
    The Autos are great and can be compared to non autos, I have produced some great looking autos (Red Dwarf, Auto ak47 f2, and few others) The red dwarf by far was a great high it was very couchlock and favored by many folks who tried it. So I thought about getting 1-3 red dwarf seeds.

    I would like to pick out 1-2 seeds (From attitude pick and mix) of a purple strain. I never worked with a purple strain although I have had my share of smoke of it.

    So basically I will be grabbing 1-15 seeds from attitude. My intentions were to grab the ones that were highly reviewed and strains I have never worked with.


    - 1-2 Purple Strain Seeds
    - 1-3 Autoflowering seeds
    - 1-10 New strains that I havent worked with
    - Barney's LSD ( Heard good things about it)
    - DNA Chocolope ( Hear it is good for beginners w/ good yields)
    -Serious Seeds AK-47 (The original and I am sure it will be great)
    - White Strain (some really potent and frosty I mean FROSTY)

    My mock order (Just a idea of what I was looking at)
    G13 Labs Pineapple Express Feminized 05 Seeds -$63.58
    Lowryder#2 x AK47 Feminized Auto Flowering01 Seeds -$15.88
    Buddha Seeds Red Dwarf Feminized01 Seeds -$14.29
    Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Feminized01 Seeds \t-$14.29
    Barney's Farm LSD Feminized01 Seeds -$14.29
    Serious Seeds AK-47 Feminized01 Seeds-20.65
    DNA Genetics Chocolope Feminized01 Seeds -$15.88
    G13 Labs Purple Haze Feminized01 Seeds -$9.52
    \t\t\tUFO #2DNA Genetics Sharksbreath Feminized\tFREE SEED\t∞\tFREE!\tFREE!
    \t\t\tUFO#3 Reserva Privada Cole Train Feminized\tUFOK23\t∞\tFREE!\tFREE!
    \t\t\tUFO#1 DNA Genetics RockLock Feminized\tUFO823\t∞\tFREE!\tFREE!
    \t\t\tUFO #4 Dinafem Seeds Royal Haze\tUFO923\t∞\tFREE!\tFREE!

  2. Bump... anyone have any suggestions on good strains to try from the pick and mix, something that is a good smoke with full flavor.
  3. Super lemon haze
  4. Ok super lemon haze, I like lemon so I will add that.. Anyone else think my selectiong I selected good be better or changed up.

    If so please provide a reason.
  5. I have the LSD and coletrain going on it 4-5th week of flowering. I must say I think the coletrain look much better then the LSD (currently), and I am just amazed at how nice and fat those cloetrain-buds are. I would def. recommend that one. LSD is supposed to be an incrdible smoke, though. Also Motavation is good. Short bushy indica with fat buds.
  6. have heard the pineapple can be a bit hinky to grow...the super lemon is killa...the others all look great and am growin a few....just ordered the purp.:p..check out tkb's strain guide in the seed bank forum...that blade knows strains...great info there...has never steered me wrong
  7. I am just glad you are ordering from Attitude! :) Great seed selection as well!
  8. If your looking for purple I would suggest :

    Next Generation Seeds Grape God

    Dinafem's Blue Hash Plant, Turns almost completely purple in a cooler grow room mid to upper 60's for temps.

    TGA Subcool Seeds Querkle, when in stock .

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