best seed for my area?

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  1. Hey blades,

    just wondering what the best seeds would be for these wants,
    -High yield
    -matures quickly
    -and not a huge plant

    Heres what im working with
    -mountain area, colorado
    -will be planted sometime in june maybe late may?

    im looking to grow about 5 plants.

    and im kinda confused about male and females, which ones are better?
  2. sorry man but high yield and huge plant go together. you could manage the height with LST. id suggest big bud or white widdow. look around online with google and find the strain that suits you. its actually pretty fun going through seedbanks and comparing seeds.

  3. ya that makes sense, White widow huh boy i would love to have me a good patch of white widow over the summer :)

    not sure about the LST?
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    There is articles about it on this site that teach you how to do it. Its Low Stress Training. (your training your plant to be lower to the ground and more bushy then tall, and have higher yields.)

    Also, you want females. They are the ones that create the buds. The males just simply make pollen, to pollenate your females buds, making them create seeds. So for most people males are a bad thing unless your trying to get seeds for another crop.
  5. so males give the seeds...And some of them seeds are male and female...? im just trying to get 4-5 good yield good thc content bud.

    Is may to soon to start in colorado?
  6. lethal purple.
  7. I'm also doing my first outdoor grow in Colorado this year, and I've got some purple strains that are supposed to grow well here, but I'm not sure when to start growing them indoors, so they'll be ready for outside.
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    No, males don't give seeds. Males give pollen which goes on the female buds that make seeds.

    If your season is long, you don't need to start them indoors. You can do it all outside as long as the seedlings are protected from slugs , animals and weather.
    People start indoors to lengthen their (too short) grow season and get a bigger veg. period (so you have bigger plants so more buds when flowering starts outside).
    They start indoors also to select only females to take out (kill males that show sex with 12/12 inside, keep females lol). 12/12 is not when buds start outdoors. Buds start about 5 weeks after the Summer solstice in the Northern hemisphere. Auto strains flower alone.
    Indoors can also be timed (tricky: not too early, not too late - a few weeks before flowering occurs outside so femalee plant doesn't revert to veg so you have more buds (makes the budding moment earlier). If they go back to veg, it's not good (time wasted).
    If grown indoors without flowering triggered (12/12 inside), taken out in veg. (18/6 inside), they'll just wait until it's the natural time to flower (August here for females).
    I just grow all outdoors. I suck at lamps and DIY. Just start an early finisher in Spring and harvest in Fall if possible (most natural way: it works!!! Lol) Make sure you choose a kind that will finish in time for your region. Choose your spots well and have a regular water supply (outdoor water source is important to avoid hauling water in your car). Tell no one of course.

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