Best Seed Bank In North America?

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  1. Originally I wouldn't have cared about ordering outside of north america, but it seems to have proven difficult to send any of these guys from the UK or anywhere else my money..
    My visa debit didn't work.. My pre paid visa which I bought specifically for buying seeds ( and is now worthless un-usable money to me) didn't work. 
    So I know Canada and the US accepts visa debit and pre-paid, so unfortunately I am forced to limit my options. 
    Now I have to try and find the strains that I did ALL my research on in a US or Canadian seed bank.
    SO, do ANY of you have any opinions on what is the biggest variety, best quality, and best customer service seed bank in North America?
    If so it would be greatly appreciated if you could give me an answer before I put my head through a wall out of frustration. 
    Much appreciated. 

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    you try attitude, herbies, cannazon, seed boutique, seedbay, and sannies? Someones gotta take it..I just called the bank and told them i use my card for overseas purchase and i can use it now (PNC)
  3. Seems a bit late to b ordering seeds fo outdoor if you are in the states. This couldnt be for this season unless its late autos so you got time.

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  4. My Visa debit card worked but I had to sign up for Visa verification thingy before it would go through. Its through Visa and everytime I order from attitude it pops up and I have to sign in then it continues on with the payment process. There are no seed banks in the U.S.
  5. im growing in Toronto Canada
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    Im not sure what your doing wrong, but ive been ordering seeds from foriegn banks since 97.  My first was from canada  - Heavens stairway, but since january of this year, ive ordered 14 packs  of seeds all on my credit card.
    Attitude is easy if your card is legit..  I use my standard visa just like i use at the gas pump or walmart. Since attitude opened, ive ordered 46 packs of seeds.  I place 4-6 orders per season of 5-7 packs per order.  Never a problem.  I recieve the seeds 7- 10 days after the order.  Excellent, dependable service every time.   My orders are for 3-400$. 
    I send cash to sannies. 7 orders in the past 2 yrs. Got every seed.
    I use a money order for Hemp Depot in Canada.  Ive been ordering from brad since 2003 - at least 2-3 orders per season and in the 10 yrs ive never lost a seed.
    I had no idea there were any american seed banks but Attitude gaurentees my delivery, theyre fast and dependable.
    Get a legitimate Credit card.  If your afraid to use your banks card,  apply for a walmart card.  Attitude accepts them and any other legitimate card.
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    You're fucked bro.
    You cant use those prepaid visas outside the US.
    Next time use greendot.
  8. BC bud seedbank is the best IMO. Another reputable is TGA seeds.

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