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  1. Whats up everyone im looking to get some work done in Socal but idk where i should go ive heard about a few places but only threw internet reviews anyone have any good script tattoes or know of a good legit shop price doesnt matter to me since ill have it for life thanks
  2. Script is usually from a stencil. Look in a portfolio not grass city.
  3. Pretty much any artist with a machine can do script, that's entry level shit...IMO one of the best artists in ALL of California is Carlos Torres.


    not sure how close you are to San Pedro, CA, but that's where he's located.
  4. can i ask why you think hes the best?? sorry my first tat and looking to get the best of the best nothin shitty

    and you guys say any artist can do script but one of my friends is a tatto artist and he sucks at writings
  5. Then your friend is a shitty artist, sorry to be harsh but if he can't do script then he can't do the basics. Just look at Carlos Torres art and you'll see why he's the best...he's also one of the top graphic designers for Sullen Clothing

  6. haha its all good people told me hes good but i personly would never get a tattoo from him thats why im here now but ok cool thanks ill check into that

    if anyone one knows of some other people let me know

  7. Actually, that's not true. If you've ever seen the show Miami Ink, the artist Ami James sucked at script and had other artists in the shop do it for him but he was still an incredible artist.
  8. Uhh that whole show is scripted, don't take anything you see on there seriously
  9. Generally dudes who do bad ass gangsta style black and grey do really ballin' script too. Look through portfolios. Find someone who can make you a custom piece and isn't just going to print something off a word document then stick it on your body.
  10. IMO, every Mexican tattoo artist I've met (including my artist) can lay some nice script.

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