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best sativa strains to grow indoors?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by jaqueline_herer, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. hey all -
    just wondering what the general word is on growing sativa indoors. i know it's supposed to be much harder, but perhaps are there tricks or different hybrids of sativa/indica that are easier to grow?

  2. reason most people don't grow sativas indoor isn't because of difficulty, but because they can be lower yielding, taller, and take longer to flower than a indica/sativa hybrid or a straight indica.

    ... at least that's the story I've heard. Sativa plants definitely grow taller and CAN produce lighter / less dense buds.

    Any experienced sativa growers want to chime in?
  3. I grew some bag seed sativas indoors and they do grow tall and take FOREVER to finish. The weed was decent it gave me a nice upbeat high wich i like but its just not worth the time and effort to grow em inside. If you must grow a sativa inside make it a hybrid. i know i will next time.
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    Plants only get as tall as you let them.. There are several ways to keep them under control.. One being SCROG. You can easily veg a sativa under a scrog for a good 50 days or more and then flower her with a flat canopy and a bunch of donkey dicks sticking up. Check this link out for a guy here who did a really nice scrog. http://forum.grasscity.com/indoor-g...eo-new-closet-help-needed-43.html#post5684383

    Also look at this, its White Widow, 60 day veg, SCROG..


    Oh as for strain, I vote for Royal Haze.. Very nice mostly sativa with a short flowering period. There are tons of choice sativas out there,

    I just started some Purple Cindy from Highgrade Seeds in party cups.. It's mostly sativa. 4 feet isn't bad at all and it could be so easily scrog'd. 10 week flowering time is also completely acceptable..

    Mostly Sativa
    Purple Cindy is a very potent cross between Purple Oregon Thai and Cinderella 99. Purple Thai is a first generation land-race Chocolate Thai crossed once with a first generation land-race Highland Oaxaca Gold. Cinderella 99 or "C99" is a potent cross between Jack Herer and ShivaSkunk. Purple Cindy is a merging of these fine genetics. This unique cross has a wonderful fruity aroma reminiscent of a sweet pineapple/mango garden. The high is complex beginning with a strong psychedelic buzz that jettisons you to the stratosphere followed by a euphoric state of heightened creativity and finally an equally long state of peace & contentment. Great yielder for a sativa! Can develop purple hues in late flowering. Great strain for creative endeavours! A HIGHGRADE SEEDS exclusive.
    Height: 4 ft
    Flowering Time: 10 weeks
    Yield: 2.5 to 3.5 oz per plant

    -Some other Greats:

    AK-47 named after the punch it delivers with its high. You get a high octane sativa rush followed by an indica body stone that makes gravity feel like you are on Mars. Expansive high with a cherry-like aroma during late flowering. Potency is a 10. It is an easy plant to grow and finishes in 9 weeks. A must-grow strain!

    Mostly Sativa
    Height: 3 ft - 4 ft
    Flowering Time: 9 weeks
    Yield: 2.5 to 3.0 oz per plant

    ^^ Highgrade Seeds Seedbank

    Arjan's Strawberry Haze

    -Excellent all round high, helps creativity and is social.
    -Genetics: Swiss sativa, NL5 Haze Mist.

    Effect: Very mild body effect, strong cerebral high. Very creative and social. Voted best strain at the Green House V.I.S. Smoking Panel 2005.

    Flowering indoor: Most growers harvest after 10 weeks. A week longer will allow maximum flavor. Yield 500 to 600 gr/sqm.

    Flowering outdoor: Ready around end of October in the Northern hemisphere; around end of May in the Southern. Yield up to 800 gr/plant.

    THC: 20.4%
    CBD: 1.2%
    CBN: 0.9%

    The name says it all ! Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium, a well balanced Haze crossed with a robust Indica that produces a power- packed plant with over 20 % T.H.C. Fast becoming a legend, S.A.G.E. took 2nd place in the blind test of the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup also the hash made out of this plant won 1st place in 2000, both of these victories were based on overall strength and quality. High T.H.C. and low C.B.D. make this plant a perfect head stash variety. Spicy sandalwood flavor combined with a long lasting and uplifting high make this the plant for those who must have the best. Longer flowering time is rewarded with large buds that will seem to double in size in the last few weeks.

    Type: Mostly Sativa
    Height: 120-140 cm
    Yield: 300-350 p.s.m.
    Flowering Time: 70 -77 days

    ^^ Cant go wrong with this one

    Purple Cindy and AK47 are available from Highgrade Seeds and The Attitude has the others I mentioned.. These are just a few ideas, any of which would give you some of the best bud available.. Of course if cost isn't an issue DJ Shorts strains are really nice.. I'm getting some Vanilluna in a couple weeks.
  5. thanks so much everyone! and especially thank you to 1000Hz
  6. i grew a strain called early sativa which im happy with. Its so easy to grow, it allways shows pre flowers at around 3 weeks in veg. The plants stay short if lst'd and not vegged to long, around 7-8 weeks flowering.

    My advice would be, any sativa you get to definatly lst that bitch, she'll love it!
  7. Im just curious as to why it seems that LSTing isnt as widely practiced as it should be, it is a great method to maximizing yields and especially keeping Sativas at a managable height.

    Correct me if Im wrong
  8. shortest flowering sativa I know of is Swazi.. a South African strain (the L.R.S. used to create the Durban genetic lines)..
    other then that ..there are lots of Inidica/Sativa hybrids that bring plenty of the head high into your grow game...

    1000Hz gave great advice .. +rep
  9. I know this is an old thread. I ask the same question and wonder if anyone has anything to add that hasn't already said.
    I'm planning to try Purple Haze and I'd like more suggestions. Maybe some new sativa strains in the last couple of years? I'm chasing the best sativa high out there for my perpetual indoor grow.
    I plan to LST.
    Thanks for any and all suggestions. :wave:
  10. not really bro... i have a sativa grow under my belt and they are stretchy plants... i even tried to bushmaster the grow but i feel a hybrid is the best bet... shorter flower time, they do grow nice air/fluffy buds, but i prefer a hybrid which is sativa dom... try super lemon haze, nice sativa high but quick indica flowering time.
  11. Cool. I have SLH on the way.
  12. the reason LST aint as widespread as it should is people do it too much too early and it stunts plants growth and people write it off as a shitty method.
  13. Yes as with any growing style you need find how each plant reacts to each type. I've tried to bend this plant I'm growing in the past cause it was getting too close to my light. It allows the lower branches light but this strain stretches like crazy. Now I just let her go. It's my 3rd attempt on this strain. And each time things have gotten better.

    I'll be moving to a more indica hybrid as the one I'm growing is mostly sativa 90/10? I want a shorter flower period. I'm at the end of day 33 and its still just spitting out here and there. In 2 more weeks it will fill out but I have another 6 weeks at least to go.

    Sour diesel and Afgoo are up next.

    Same way. 400w, dwc, cns17 nutes, scrog.

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