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Best Sativa strain

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rapaport, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. I am curious to know what everyones favorite sativa. And i am wondering from your expierence what is the "Happiest and most uplifting" strain of sativa is in your opinion. I want to try a new strain and I am looking for a very happy uplifting high that gives a nice giggly feeling. Something great for social and deep though conversation and empathy and how long the high.
  2. Uhm my favorite Sativa strain would have to be Chocolope or any of it's ancestors like Thai and Cantelope.
  3. Neville's Haze or Durban Poison
  4. super silver haze, or blueberry is happy but I think the later might be indica but a special type.
  5. super silver haze, trainwreck, WW
  6. Any Thai is great, Trainwreck is excellent, and many all time favorite is Santa Marta Columbian Gold(the real SMG not World of Seeds BS 75%/25% version).

  7. Lambs breath.
  8. hawiiaan sativa[​IMG]
  9. My favorite was and still is "Cough". My dispensary tells me the grower created it himself from a certain seed he found, but he didnt know the genetics. In anycase it was a powerful and long lasting sativa, super-super clear head, I was using it at work with joy. It had a 5 minute creep to it too.

    Thai Haze (havent tried straight thai yet) was great, trainwreck, strawberry cough (not related to cough above), WW.

    African strains are a whole other arena, the THC-V arena: Durban Poison and Malawi are amazing.
  10. White Widow for sure!!
  11. my favorite sativa would be super silver haze or shoreline.
  12. Another vote for C99. Just picked some of that up today... excellent still-keep-going high.
  13. fucking jack herer, its a hybrid of 3 of the best strains of marijuana of all time; super silver haze, skunk number 1, and northern lights 5
  14. haze, white widow, lambs breath and blue dream are to name a few excellent sativas
  15. My top 3 sativa strains are .... Nebula (although the indica phenotype is better), followed by Hawaiian sativa and Durban Poison (bit too heady for my liking but undeniable greatness)

    Peace and GREAT Pot,

  16. anyone ever heard of green crack?
  17. Jack Herer is by far the best sativa ive ever had.

    Had Sour D once but it was only a little and a long time ago, but that was good.
  18. arjans ultra haze 1

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