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    Hey everyone I've decided that I'm going to start growing some time soon, I want to grow sativa only, I dislike the body stone from indica and want a strain that will leave me feeling energetic with a clear head, so that I am able to do my normal daily tasks.

    C99 is a strain I've been told is really good, but I'm looking for more.

    Something that will get me in the mood to work out and exercise and do the complete opposite of couch lock I will love. Thanks :D

    growing soon need best sativa strain, no couch lock or tired feeling at all.
  2. Any of the hazes from Mr Nice are great.

    Nevilles Haze
    Mango Haze
    Super Silver Haze

    Nevilles has the most haze in it out of the three.
  3. Serious seeds Kali Mist is and always will be my top sativa choice so glad to be growing her again this year.
  4. [quote name='INTP']Hey everyone I've decided that I'm going to start growing some time soon, I want to grow sativa only

    Inside or outside, INTP? If you are going outside with your grow, you will need to find out how long of a growing season you have at your locale, before dettermining which strain to choose.
  5. Killing Fields!

    Check out the grows on awesome!

    or you could jump right in with underground's columbian x lambsbread or Ace's double thai!

    Kali Mist
    Fast Nevilles?

    I want to try them all, including the 18 week double thai, but my next order is going to be killing fields simply because I love the openness of Sannies operation.
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    Thanks for the recommendation i will check them out! I have heard good things about Hazes.
    Super Silver Haze looks sweet definitely an eye catcher!

    I have heard good rep about Kali Mist it will definitely be one of my choices!

    oh hahaha i should of noted that.. It will be an indoor organic soil grow under 1kw led.

    I just checked out the Killer fields on that site and after reading the smoke report i am surely trying this strain!
  7. Having just read Sannie's description, I don't think it's really a 100% sativa high. He speaks of "heavy and long lasting".
    OTOH it might be a nice strain to start with, as the purer hazey stuff can be difficult for a beginner, especially Neville's Haze.
    No way would I recommend it as a first grow. I wonder if the the people that recommended it have ever even grown it. Lovely high... but... tricky grow.

    C99, too, which many rushed to recommend is no way a pure sativa high. OK, you get a happy rush to start with, but cane it a bit and it will make you sluggish and/or put you to sleep. It is very much a hybrid.

    Best sativa-doms for beginners I would say (as others already have)
    SSH, Mango Haze, NL5xHaze, KaliMist. MNS La Niña is a beautiful one too.

    If you want something quicker and a bit more broad leaf, ACE's Nepal Jam is an underrated gem. It will get you, as someone said, very cleanly wrecked. In the morning you will bright-eyed and bushy-tailed like a frisky squirrel in spring.

  8. Thanks dude! Your post just helped me a lot, im planning on growing four at a time, all different strain.
    Last night on Attitude i chose these 4.

    Female Seeds C99
    Kannabia Seeds Power Skunk
    Samsara Seeds Spicy White Devil
    Sativa Seeds Haze #1

    Im interested in hybrids as i dont want to wait the sativa flowering period, but as you said, yeah i dont want the high to make me feel tired at any stage. I'm thinking of growing 2 hybrids and 2 pure sativas so that i can enjoy some smoke while my two beauties are on their way.

    I will definitely look up those strains you mentioned and give them a thought!
  9. That sounds similar to what I am planning to do next grow. what is your grow space like? you will have to do some training if you want to keep an even canopy. I grow vert so I just raise shorter plants up to better match the taller ones.
  10. Want sativa effects? Wait for the long flowering sats. Cannabiogen and Ace both offer great sativa selections (panama/colombian hybrids, haze hybrids, thai hybrids, african hybrids).

    If I were looking to get sativa effect with a shorter flowering time I would have two plants on the top of my list, Cinderella 99 (, Mosca Negra, etc.) and Grapefruit from (its a breeder, you can find on most major seed banks). I'd also look at mango haze or nevilles haze from mr nice. Both will be longer flowering (10-14 weeks, 14+ weeks respectively) but worth the wait.

    If you really want that up and energetic effect get something leaning heavily sativa. what is 3-4 more weeks after veg, flower and all that wait anyways? If you are growing only for personal consumption I'd be willing to bet a little patience will pay off. It's worth your wait if you are really after what you say you are after.

  11. I plan on having a stealth cabinet big enough for four 5gal buckets, i am doing the SCRoG method, organic soil grow under 1kw LED, i am planning on having a high standing cabinet so height shouldn't be a worry to me.

    You make a good point, the extra wait isnt really that much longer, i'm leaning towards growing 2 or 3 straight sativas and 1 c99. I am really liking what i read about the hazes.

    Is there any ways i can harvest the plant a little early or later to give it more of a sativa effect? I have read that somewhere and wasnt sure.

    also, is it necessary to plant seedlings in cup and upsize pots when needed or can i start the seed in the 5gal right away?
  12. Start them in the 5gal, as long as you have flexibility with the height of your lights you will be fine. You will need to lower then raise the light to your plants as they start and grow older.

    Harvesting indica plants early doesn't give the desired sat effect, just a slightly edgy shorter high. Not comparable to a sativa. Harvesting sativa's earlier/later gives you a spectrum of edgy/sharp/tweeky effect to more mellow happy motivated stone. I like um somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.

    I recommend running sativa by themselves at first (all of one type, ie all haze at once or all c99 at once). Especially if it is your first time growing sats or plants in general. It makes it easier to juggle one girls food, light, space needs than three different types of plants.

    Mr nice has nice haze hybrids, Super Silver Haze, Mango Haze, and Nevilles Haze are probably the three best hazes from Mr Nice Guy, ace also has some haze (green, purple, hazexthai). Haze get tall, lanky, and are long to finish: 14 weeks if you are lucky, more like 15+ weeks. I find with a really strong haze it can send you into the 'Haze daze', like living in a sunshine filled fog, blissed out if you know what I mean. Not exactly motivational.

    Check out panama from Ace/Cannabiogen or Viet black X thai from ace. The VB thai was like you know your high, but you function 100%, almost forget you smoked it until you giggle over something not that funny or find yourself just smiling with your thoughts drifting. Again, grapefruit is awesome (it's c99 x unknown sativa) smells and tastes like grapefruit and your day zips by with a nice happy smile on your face and warmth in your heart. Love grapefruit.
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    Okay thats great that i can do that and yeah lighting and room wont be a worry for me! The thought of only doing one strain at a time has gone through my head but i couldnt make my mind up on which 4 let alone 1 hahaha if i find the strain that really appeals to me ill run just that one through. Is it really that much harder with different strains?

    I once smoked some gang that put me in a zen mode and made me energetic and motivated to do something, im looking for that strain again haha ill check those strains out too.

    Just looked at Cannabiogen seeds Panama and it sure is an eye catcher!

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