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Best salad bag I've ever had....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chiefMOJOrisin, May 27, 2009.

  1. I picked up a halfie yesterday that was one of the, if not the best mixed bag I've ever gotten.

    It got a quart of Nebula, a slice of Afgooey, and a slice of Jack Herer. I would have easily paid 240$ for it.... but it was only (only... jesus crackers) 190$.

    Then I was able to smoke the best salad bowl I've ever smoked... for sure. I save stems/shitty leaves and leaf stems, leaves/shake, and calyxes seperate. This way if I run out and can't find anything I can have nice bowls of straight calyxes, roll doobies of just heady shake and leaves, or throw everything together and make some ganja food.

    I had to dip into the calyx stash a while back, and have been saving for about 3 weeks. In that time I added several heady strains to the collection. Kali-mist, OG Kush, Trainwreck (overpaid for that shit), some ridiculously head outdoors, Afghan Skunk, something with Island in the name that reminded me like of Kali-mist like crazy, a few unknown (or falsely labeled) heady strains, then the three from the mixed bag.... Jack Herer, Nebula and Afgooey.

    It got me wrecked!

    Although, I've always said (and hardly ever listen to myself) that more than 3 strains in a salad bowl or 3-4 in a doobie is too much. When you combine just 2, or maybe 3 strains in a bowl, you really get a better sense of how the two are interacting with each other taste/smoke/buring/harshness and high-wise. When you smoke a bowl like I did, with 10+ strains in it, you lose the flavors of the strains and you just get a general taste.

    I liken it to mixing crayon colors. If you combine just 2 or 3 colors, you create a new color that is often really cool. If you mix a bunch of colors, you wind up with a drab and ugly barf pile of brown. Its a good thing that ugly barf piles of weed stay green and get you bake-aked!

    I'm interested as to what the other seasoned tokers' thoughts are. And what their best salad bags and bowls were.

    By seasoned tokers, I mean people who obsess over ganj like me.... over-analyzing every aspect of the plant. High, smell, taste, look, cultivation, skill of grower, if properly grown. One who remembers just about every strain they've smoked in recent times (I think my database goes back about 2 years... then only those awesome ones stick out in the memory danks). And how those strains compare to others.
  2. hell yeah man.. i dig a good mix.

    this one was grapefruit x blueberry, sour diesel and NYCD (all home grown). tasty as fuck, and one hell of a sativa/indica mix.

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  3. maybe Island Sweet Skunk?

    i grew that aa year ago or so and man i wish i kept a clone.. that shit was fucking out of this world.

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