Best rts for 2014

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  1. What rts either already out or comming out, do you all think will be the best. (Not most popular, but objectively the best for whatever reason)

    Please include facts, and videos if possible

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  2. Fuck i keant fps but cant change title!!!! O well i like rts as well

    Like most things blizzard kinda killed the rts genra

    I enjoyed warhammer and coc. Star craft wasnt bad. It was well made and very pretty, but i have so maby problems with it.

    The cusrom games alone make star craft the best imo
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  3. Last RTS I played was red alert 3, which I thought was awesome. Sadly its just not a very popular genre anymore. I am unaware of any being released in the foreseeable future.

    As far as FPS goes, Destiny looks pretty sweet.
  4. Yes destiny is the main reason i want ps4

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  5. Supreme Commander Forged Alliance with the FAF Client = the best strategy game ever made! 
  6. The origional supreme.commander sucked. Did they really.improve it that mucj?

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    whaaaat?, The original Supreme Commander was awesome... & yeah they improved it so much that its even more amazing than what it used to be before. Some really talented devs come onto the project after SupCom:FA and are still constantly updating the game today. Thank god THQ went bust, Seriously dude its like the best RTS game ever made and it unrivaled in strategic uniqueness & I have played every single Strategy game ever made. :smoke: 
    Here's the link to FAF Clients website, you download it after you have installed Forged Alliance.   
  8. Planetside 2 looks really fucking intense and theres such a huge amount of players in each game appereantly its like an rts, they are advertising that you can fit hundreds of people into a game...Sounds pretty far fetched but shit
  9. sweet

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  10. No

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  11. work on those marine splits son
  12. The Age of Empires games are and will always be the best RTS games.

    IMO, of course.

    I haven't played enough FPS games to be able to weigh in on that category. I've played Battlefield 3 and I enjoyed it very much so I'm sure BF 4 is comparable.
  14. Company of Heros is still excellent.  Company of Heros 2 not as good but still a decent RTS.
    I enjoy Men at War but it has a bit of learning curve but afterwards it becomes quite fun
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    Titanfall since I read the second post.
    As far as competitive FPS goes at least.
    Other than that, Destiny is looking stellar and has me extremely excited because of Bungie. Shame it's not on PC though... oh well, that and The Division are why I'll be getting a PS4 eventually anyway.
    Edit: Got curious about The Division since I hadn't looked anything up on it since it was announced and.....
    HOLY SHIT I didn't know it was announced for PC as well!!!  :metal:  :metal:
    Carry on.
  16. dont get me wrong i love starcraft especially the custom game.maker.

    But as an overall rts, its not that great. Not like command and conquer or warhanmer

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  17. Join my clan in clash of clans, the Ironborn

  18. RUSE is my favorite rts so far. Kind of slow, general scouting done for you, WWII.
    Red alert 3 is interesting but has 1 click powers and requires an ass of micro to make things work. (maybe fine for PC, but fuck that with a controller). In general i like bigger maps and more zoom -  it feels like mobile ground artillery is a slightly longer range, weak-ass tank in the CnC universe... haha
    Supreme commander series is great
  19. Warcraft III is the last one I played seriously. Still waiting on a new one in that series but I'm not holding my breath. I also played age of empires (1, 2, and 3) and those were all pretty good. I played starcraft and its sequel a little but they're not really my thing.

    As far as fps goes I'm looking forward to Destiny and hopefully the new halo doesn't suck. We'll see what else there is....

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