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    For an introduction I'm ~185 and 5'10" with a big build so I'm definitely on the overweight side, and I'm wondering what the best way for me to lose weight while gaining muscle would be. I've been running for about two months and am around the 2.5 mile range. I've also been lifting weights for around a month. I haven't ran in around a week due to pain in my lower back so I'm thinking this is the best time to change up my 'workout'.

    I've read from a couple different places that if I keep doing cardio I'll slim down which is what I want to do, but it was saying that it would start 'burning' muscle to make running more efficient which isn't what I want to do.

    What I'm asking is that I want the fat loss from running while still gaining muscle from weight lifting.

    If anyone has any diet or workout plans that you'd like to share, or even just some tips to help with this I'd really appreciate it. I have access to a gym so I can do most exercises.


    Forgot to add what my diet is like.
    I've slowly been taking items out of my diet like soda so it's easier, but I know that I get too many carbs and I don't eat enough vegetables. I don't eat fast food often so that's not a problem. I eat a good amount of chicken and I like most Americans eat more processed food than they should.
  2. Swimming is great for fat burn and it's easy on your body.

    Look up circuit lifts on google. It's basically a bunch of high rep excersises/lifts that you do with little rest in between sets.

    Make sure you're drinking enough water everyday too
  3. great advice.. =3
    go jogging
    get me a pizza
    jog back over to my house
    drop it off..
    watch me eat it
    jog back home

    builds great leg muscle =D
  4. I lost 50 lbs since January. I started with dieting and lifting weights but I hate exercising so I said fuck the weights (for now at least) losing weight mostly comes down to diet. You can run a triathlon and still be a tub ass if you're not creating a calorie deficit.

    Building muscle mass usually requires eating more calories then you burn. Losing fat requires you to eat a deficit, this is why you lose some mass when slimming down. You can burn fat and build muscle but it's kinda counter intuitive. At least this my general understanding. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions!
    I'll try swimming once it gets warmer out over here.

    [quote name='"BuffaloSoljah"']The Warrior Diet |[/quote]

    Have you had any experience with this? I've had the mind set that fasting isn't healthy in any form.

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