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Best rolling paper?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by popsaregood230, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. I'm currently using zig zags and I wonder if they are good or bad rolling papers. How do they compare to others?
  2. They're prolly the most popular brand of papes. Personally, I use JOBs, but Zigs work just as good.
  3. How do the JOBs roll? Do they burn fast?
  4. zig zags are the best for rolling i find, they stay together so much better , the other kind ive had is wildfire strawberry but they fall apart and shit but they do smell and taste good
  5. Bob Marley Rolling Papers & (White Pack) Zig Zags
    Note: (Personally, I think to) never buy Waterproof Zig Zags. They burn too quick and made me so angry because of it... :rolleyes:
  6. job all da way

    and ima hippie. trust me.
  7. i use zigs and dragonfly flavoured sometimes.
  8. element rolling papers are probably one of the smoothest when smoked. JOB are good papers too.

    elements have a criss-cross pattern correcting a running joint. they also burn very slow.

  9. i currently have jucy jays blueberry flavored. theese taste great but tent to fall apart if your not carefull when licking them. i also have a pack of slow burning zig zags (orange packet) and ROOR papers, which are proably the most durable. i also use element rolling tips aswell
  10. I've used several different types for a spring break smoke out.

    One was Juicy Jays: Great flavor, tore kind of easy (or maybe it's just difficult for me to roll in the car on a dip)

    The second was Randy's Wired Rolling Papers. The wire really helps make the joint uniform. Plus, when you smoke it, you can hold onto the wire when the j gets really close to the end.

    Finally, I've used a generic paper brand (forgot the name/can't check) and those roll/smoke okay.
  11. my favorite are easy widers. they burn nice n slow. zig zags burn too fast for my liking.
  12. Randy Wires are by far my favorite
  13. bambu all the way
  14. In my time of rolling I have discovered 3 kingsize papers that are particularly excellent.

    Zig Zag Blacks


    OCB Blacks

    Bob Marleys

  15. I don't usually smoke J's, but when I do I either use Slow Burning Zig Zags or Element papers. The Element papers are a good uniform burning paper and are my top choice as of now.:smoke:
  16. RAW papers. You can only taste what you put in it. Burns slower than elements and any other paper ive tried.
  17. I've tried a few papers and the best is between zigzags and elements. I prefer elements, but zig zags are nearly identical in terms of burn quality and strength. I like the cross pattern on the elements that holds the good stuff better. If you're going for flavored, juicy jay is the best hands-down. They taste great, are strong, and burn slowly. I haven't tried many king size, but my friend prefers bob marleys. Basically, when it comes down to it any paper that burns slowly and doesn't rip easily is the way to go.
  18. Joker lights.
  19. I'm a big fan of Urban Wraps[​IMG]

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