Best rolling paper substitute?

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  1. I'm out of papers and would really like like a joint, what are some options?

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  2. buy proper papers or smoke a bowl..
    there is no substitute.
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  3. some dopey 15 year old will tell you to use a bible paper..
    but i wouldn't listen to them..
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  4. Got some papers called rasta for 99cents there 1 1/2 inch and 32 in a pack they roll up some fat doobs

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  5. Its morning time. Roll over to your corner gas station and get some zigzags
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    If you have any onion skins you could use one of those xD

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  7. You can use crap cardboard that burns like shit and tastes like chemicals.
    At my gas station they are sold as "E-Z Widers." ;)
  8. I see where you all stand, haha. I'll just pack my bowl 😬

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    Bible papers lol, feel in touch with god while smoking xD

    Wouldn't suggest using it though.
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    Empty out a cigarette, fill it with weed and rip off the filter, I've had to do that in dire situations where I had weed, a lighter, plenty of cigarettes, but nothing to smoke out of.
  11. Go to your local Citgo gas station and buy more!
  12. roll a blunt
  13. I did it In middle school with one of my mates, tasted so bad I couldnt finish it. But the bible was like 80 years old so that probably had to do with it.
    You could try to use the paper inside of an altoid container, y'know the little mint things.

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  14. The absolute best is the wrapper for single toilet paper rolls. Just remember to only use the white part. No bad taste, and burns like a zig zag.

    But, the best option is to buy some king size Raws from a local store
  15. If you smoke cigs, then do this. Take the wrapper that lookslike tinfoil off .. after that kinda rub it together and evetually you'll seperate the foil from the white paper.

    Then you can roll a joint. Ive done it before and it taste fine
  16. You can do this with most gum wrappers if you're that desperate. From my recent scrubby teenage stoner experience: just go buy some papers. Honestly nothing rolls a better joint that the shit made specifically for it.
  17. Glass.
    And next time you get some papers, make sure it's RAWs or you're just not doing things right.
  18. Exactly what he said, don't use bible paper lmao just wait until you get papers or glass.
  19. Check out Bogart at RuffHouseStudios on YouTube. A lot of emergency tricks

    Hmm, apple pipe? :smoke:
    Or go to my smoke shop and get 2 job paper packs for $1.07

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  20. He may be underaged... getting cigars has never been harder. I've been carded three in the last week buying them and I have a beard.

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