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  1. sup,

    I'm going to St. Louis in June for a Dave Matthews Band concert. I was wondering what are the best restaurants to go to in St.Louis... money is not an issue. ... and i'll be stoned...
  2. The Verizon Amp (where that show is) is right next to Harrahs Casino (less than one mile). Inside Harrahs there's an italian place called Charlie Gitto's on the Hill. Go there. It's reasonably priced, and some of the best italian in that price range that i've had in the states.

    There's also a cupcake bar inside Harrahs that's amazing when you're baked. I think it's called TOP THIS! or TOP THAT! Huge cupcakes with full on frosting and brownie chunks or whatever you want mixed in. I love to go throw some craps at Harrahs really high and then get a cupcake.

    Hope this helps.
  3. I don't goto St. Louis enough to remember where shit is, but I went to one of those kick ass sushi places where they cook the food in front of you and toss it into your mouth and what not.
  4. If you want high class, Tony's. It has, at various points, been one of only a handful of 5 diamond restaurants in the world. The price isn't really that terrible either.

    Whenever I have to travel to St. Louis for business, I try to make time to gorge myself at Tony's.

    Man, I could go for one of their salmon filets RIGHT NOW.

    Tony's Restaurant in Downtown St. Louis, Missouri

    St. Louis is a city packed with good places to eat. IMHO the only place with a greater density of awesome restaurants is San Francisco, or maybe Las Vegas. I would advise picking a section of town you want to eat in, and narrow it down from there.

    If you want an authentic italian-american experience, go to just about any restaurant in the Hill area.
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    If money really isn't an issue, GO THERE. You won't be disappointed. Pretty much known as the best restaurant in st louis, you'll often find visiting MLB, NFL, and NHL players dining there.

    If your looking for something a little more casual, hit up Anthony's Bar inside Tony's. You can order off Tony's menu..

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