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Best Reputable Shops in IL?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tootsierocks, May 24, 2010.

  1. Im looking to buy my first Glass Pipe... I live in IL and would like to order online. My question is are there any reputable/good/fast online shops that are close to IL or in IL? Also if anyone lives in IL can any one recommend a good shop that I could go to physically? :smoke:
  2. What part of IL?
  3. No, just go to your local hs. Bensenvil has some good ones, and there's one by ohare airport call the highway that's prbly the best hs in the Chicago area
  4. Smoke Rings in Aurora
  5. This man knows what he is talking about
  6. There are a couple good shops in the Clark/Belmont area on the north side (if you are near Chicago). They are willing to try to match prices at other shops.
  7. I'm headed the the north side, about 10 mins from the lake, downtown this Friday. If anyone knows the NAMES of headshops there, it'd be cool. Or numbers. I haven't been there since before I started burning so I don't know any head shops Q_Q
  8. Trust me, you'll know where the head shops are on clark/belmont. They are all within 1 block of each other, and you'll know by the nice bongs in the windows.

    Pipes & Stuff Inc, Secrets, Egor's Dungeon, Blue Havana, and a few more around their. Visit them all, and compare the prices. If you want the numbers to the shops pm me or google search.

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