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Best Remedy for Cottonmouth

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by pandaaasex, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Has anyone tried these Yak Edibles?


    Supposedly the sativas give you extreme cottonmouth.
    I was wondering if there were any casual drinks or foods that I could just consume just once to get rid of the feeling of sandpaper in my mouth.
    And to be constantly be carrying a drink in my hand, won't be very convenient.

    I heard fruit was a natural cure, but it's a very temporary one.
  2. I like apples, oranges, peaches. Pretty much anything juicy. There is no permanent cure for cottonmouth, sorry to say :(
  3. Water works well.
  4. yeah, I really need this.
  5. I just always keep water nearby.
  6. gum.

    but if you get too bad of cottonmouth, you wont produce enough spit to keep it solid and it will like break apart in your mouth and its the worst.

    other than that, water or mountain dew.
  7. Oasis mouthwash, gum with xylitol (standard trident gum is good)
  8. Also brushing your teeth works for a while too
  9. Water Bottle = your best friend :)
  10. Artificial sweetener. Get a "sugar-free" fruit juice or something. Monster Rehab works well too.
  11. Water and some Arizona Fruit Punch.
  12. i like water or orange gatorade.

  13. aspertame kills dude
  14. water is probably the best, and those little oranges do wonders too!
  15. Any liquid.
  16. Back in my day I always kept water in the car, but the main thing that always helped was gum.

    Straight up, get Stride not that other non-long lasting shit.
  17. Gum + Water = happy stoner :hello:
  18. Not proven any more than any other chemical in our food "kills." Unless you're eating only organic, hormone-free, all natural food, or you have that rare, specific digestive disorder where you can't process it, you won't have to worry about aspartame.
  19. I always have a glass of water or any type of Arizona drink when I spark up!

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