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  1. there have been some prety sweet movies this past year. these are the ones i enjoed most...sober or not

    the wackness- even though most people were thrown off by josh pesh i felt he did a good job and helped make this movie enjoyable to watch

    good time max- james france is the man in this. if your a franco fan definitely check this out

    felon- starring val kilmer of all people. a prison movie that has a badass story to it and very badass

    burn after reading- hilarious dark comedy

    in bruges- colin farrell is at his best in this one. badass from start to finish, and with a wicked comedic twist on it throughout

    these are just to name a few. if you've heard of these you'll know exactly what i'm talking about. these movies are amazing
  2. yeah bruges was good But I WOULD HAVE TO SAY 2008s GREATEST MOVIE (DRUM ROLL) HAD TO OF BEEN STEP BROTHERS-i laughed my ass off the whole movie-will farrels the man:smoke:
  3. The best film of 2008 was The Dark Knight. It's easily the best action film I've ever seen and the performances of all involved were outstanding. If Heath Ledger doesn't get the oscar for The Joker it will be one of the biggest disgraces in the history in the academy awards.

    Close behind was The Wrestler, which again was an astonishing film and Mickey Rourkes performances of Randy the Ram Robinson is one of the most iconic potrayals I've ever seen. If anything I prefered The Wrestler to Raging Bull.
  4. i wanna see The Dark Night

    i haven't seen any movies for a while
  5. Check out RocknRolla, really intense...:poke:
  6. Gran Torino, Surfwise, The Wrestler, Let The Right One In.
  7. hell yeah Let the Right One In was a great movie, If were talking best movies of the year I'd say Slumdog Millionare. Best performance was definitely Ledger in Dark Knight. Yea I got to see The Wrestler, I've been waiting to see that one for awhile

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