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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by murder prince, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. 1. 2pac
    2. Mac or Shellshock
    3. C-Murder
    4. Hot Boys
    5. 8BALL and MJG
    6. Twista
    7. Old New Limit
    8. Jay-Z
    9. Juvenile
    10. Dmx
  2. out of all of them i'd say 2pac, the rest of them rappers you named suck cock. I used to like rap, but lately EVERY rap song sounds like shit, most of them are pointless, ok no all of them are. I'm not going to say anymore because i'm sure it will piss you off.
  3. JOE!!!!!!!!!
  4. I'm sorry but Tupac is the most overrated rapper in history (a very short history no doubt). The best rapper is Nas. It used to be Rakim and then Biggie. If we're talking groups its gotta be the Roots and Goddie Mob.

    Sorry if I offend anyone but I just don't like Tupac's rhymes at all.
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  6. yeah fuck i think tupac gets way too much credit when it comes to just the music.. i mean, the instrumentals? but as a person giving a message i still think he deserves a lot of respect..

    but yeah, all those rappers are fucking wack. try listening to some real music. and yes, nas is wack too..

    what about tribe? del? dilated? the spooks? what what? PUTS? mos def? talib? das efx? jurassic? planet asia? prevail? and shit, if even you want to talk purely gangsta rap what about guru? dre? big-l?

    no i think dmx and jay-z are way better.
  7. Chuck D
    Dr Dre
    Flavor Flave

    Beasty Boys???

    that's what I call rappers, hey but I'm old skool :)

  8. beastie boys are pretty much everything.. instrumental, hip hop, rock.. they even recorded some punk for a while.

    but yeah..

  9. the Beasty Boys are the shit, there way better than anything new coming out now a days. I don't buy cds anymore, well on novermber 5th i'll buy the last icp jokers card, then i won't probably buy any tunes ever again, i'll just sponge cds off my gf and her friends and not give them back, hehe.
  10. jus for your guys info its BEASTIE boys......but yeha theyre definitely hip hop though some of their newere ish steps outta that genre..............

    as for my fav rapper

  11. Yo people ..great disscussion...about tupac i dont think hes overated at all he deserves every last bit of homage man i feel him man all tha law bullshiet how they screw all the minoritys man the dudes a fucking speaker that let it out thru rhymes and if i was white i wouldnt like him either why?! cause every other lyric is dissing the white race "white boyz" and he was all bout the black panthers n ideas about justice and justification just that if u knew the story a "nigga" wit ideas in the hood is as worthless as a peso in america sooo what did he do ?? he got loowked out! but thass another story man.TWIZTA is phat too man how can he not be? hes the fastest rapper in the world if ur gunna argue...ITS A FACT and wheres he frum??CHICAGO WOOOHOOO lol and one last thing.."The only way u can enjoy rap n hip hop to the fullest with a passion is to actually relate n feel the vibe" quoted frum a respective rEp. wat chu think?! and about beastie boys i like em but its like asking ur grandpa if hes into system of a down when it comes to youth n all it doesnt click althou a bunch of kids around here bump that as do eye(burbs) but when i went down to the city i got quite a couple or remarks lol well lemme kno wassup ..BACK TO MY TOKE...

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  12. beastie boys are MY all-time favorite, but yeah they kind of jump over genre lines...

    but tupac definitely deserves respect for his music, especially when he goes past gangstarap and wrote music dedicated to his mother and etc.

    i'm not a huge rap fan so i'd have to say one of those 2?

    wu tang clan gets my mad respect too, their first 2 albums rocked. i was never so obsessed with them that i got into many of their solo projects, but method man's cd's were pretty damn good, but i'm mad at him for going from "hard muthafucka" to "silly pothead in a movie" just for $.

  13. Wu Tang is good as hell. Blackstar, Roots, Nappy Roots, Snoop Dog, Common, Afu Ra, Slum Village.

    Jay Z is another guy I think is overrated. He raps about the same damn things all the time. And I stick to my satement that Tupac is overrated. He was a good actor though but only a mediocre rapper. People give him more credit because of being in the news all the time for doing stupid shit.
  14. ^^^thas some nice artists you got listed there as your fav

  15. hEy people well just a thought but what stupid shit did he do? he was on the news for shooting cops mostly when the damn cops where on sum rodney king tip!! shit i woulda done the same thang man!!screw that man cops are spose to protect and serve not harass and abuse,even he said it before he woulda taken the damn beatings right? but now ? when u have the wealth the power to actually be heard? to actually shine the light on the ass holes because if he wasnt who he was artisticlly he woulda been another black man doing time for the shit the system pulls on minoritys "outsiders" besides that and what the media portrayed him as when these articles came out what did they post? BLACK RAPPER SHOOTING AT LAW OFFICIALS come on dude read between the lines lol isnt it the same as when pot is portrayed as a "harfull" drug n how it screws peoples lives up? but u have to be that special individual to see notice that its all bs man!! damn im getting to into this but not being an ass u kno just letting u kno whats really poppin!!! well lets see the angry replys lol SOMEBODY WARN ME IF IM BEING AN ASS lol and im not a big pac fan i just admire what he aspired to accomplish and what he actually did...back to mah bookz n bongz...

    GROWW ONN-peace o u t
  16. Hey I respect your opinion, I'm just saying people give him more credit as a rapper for what he did in real life. And shooting at cops is stupid, I mean you're fucking asking for it there. And for his sodomy charge too. He shouldn't have gone to jail for that shit but when you are in the spotlight you have to be aware of everything you do (look at R Kelly). Plus I hate the damn guys like that that "make it" and then decide to become gangstas. You didn't see him do all that shit when he was with Digital Undergroung. I like Tupac too, I have all of his albums, all I am saying is he was overrated as a rapper.
  17. ohh yeah I forgot I wanted to give props to souls of mischief, and of course, black-eyed peas... xo~
  18. Oh hell yeah I forgot about BlackEyed Peas. And how about Outkast and Killah Priest.
  19. hip hop is great!

    I personally like dre, snoop, 2pac,

    alot of the new hip hop sounds crappy normal but when ur stoned any music is good!
  20. HighAztec I know what ur sayin exactly...I respect Tupac a lot and I like a few of his songs....My favorite rappers go like this though....

    1. Styles P.
    2. Dr Dre
    3. DMX
    4. Bone Thugs N' Harmony
    5. Scarface
    6. Kotton Mouth Kings
    7. Ice Cube
    8. Big Tymers
    9. Xzibit
    10. Ja Rule

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