Best Rapper of all time?

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  1. im thinking Big L, maybe biggie..

    what do you guys think?
  2. Tupac, real as fuck, alot of rap today is derived from his, he actually rapped instead of freestyle and he rapped about his life and his views on society and the things he experienced growing up. Tupac no matter what, nothing comes closer besides biggie.
  3. pac no doubt, just for foundation. Not my only fav though..
  4. def gotta go with biggie or pac but big L was pretty good its a shame they all got killed
  5. Scarface, he was BIG and Pac before BIG and Pac were BIG and Pac, if that makes any sense, everything they did he did it first, 4 classic solo joints, and the group projects with the geto boys and facemob, hes the undisputed KING
  6. KRS-One probably.
  7. idk about the best but ...

    BIG L
  8. lil wanye hope you arnt serious lil wayne has been kissin birdman 2 much:eek:
  9. i agree with big l, but stack bundles? was he that good?
  10. ^^ haha

    I say B.I.G. only because Pac was more of a poet than a true rapper. Lyrically he's better than Notorious B.I.G. but biggie had that classic flow that influenced the rest.
  11. 2pac hands down n yea i cant believe some1 said lil wayne :S i spose if thas wot they believe i aint gonna hate lol but yea i love pac, got quite a few of his albums n loved all of them i also done a remix to when we ride on our enemies. Maybe ill upload it 1 day :D
  12. Kill yourself
    The best is hard to say because everybody does everything differently. Scarface is one of the greats but i dont think he's the best he's Top 10. You could say Pac cause everyone wants to be him and no one else can move people like him. You could say Big because 95% of his songs where bangers.
    My top 10
    10. Shyne
    9.Pimp C
    8.Big Boi
    5.Bun B
    3.Andre 3000
  13. I see you peons weren't smart enough to catch the wink...maybe marijuana DOES kill brain cells.

    I enjoy a lot of hip-hop, but no one is the "best". That's a fucking stupid term...every MC has their pros and cons. I could name a list of some of my favorite MCs, but I will never think of someone as the "best rapper of all time".
  14. i caught on...yea i agree with ruman too many diff styles/influences etc to say 1 dude is the best
  15. BIG L
    Krs One
  16. I have alot of favorites, but i think the best is 2Pac, he just spits the realest shit and he has a good flow. Thats why his music is still alive, most other people would have been forgotten
  17. lil wayne period.
  18. i hope your kidding otherwise please go hang yourself :wave:

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