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  1. Today i decided to sit on my mac, fire up my volcano and put together some thoughts and ideas on a popular subject that seems to always make it's way back to the music hall.

    Here's my thoughts and veiws on debates people have started on grasscity on the subject of "Best Rapper". some of this may sound repetitive to what you have read from other users from this site but i wish to take some of there general ideas and incorperate my own thoughts on the subject.

    The whole idea of "Best rapper" i believe is a close minded argument. those who already have their mind set on who they think is the best rapper refuse to acknowledge new artist. (this doesn't apply to every1).

    but to say someone is the best at something is similar to saying Stephen Hawkings is the best scientist alive, now stephen hawkings is known for his interpretation of blackholes to say hawkins is the best scientist alive is excluding alot of fields of science.(this is not the best example but expresses the general idea). same with peotry and i believe hip hop.

    theres millions of topics a rapper could define in his work. lets look futher into the idea of someone being the best rapper. hip-hop is diverse and not all rappers share the same ideas. to make a claim brainwrecked is the best rapper you have stated in order to be considered the best rapper evryone would have to stictly share the same ideas as brainwrecked. by making this statment you have excluded numerous topics and ideas that Brainwrecked dosen't address.

    hip-hop is a diverse community with talented artist everywhere mainstream, underground, and others out there who rap without record deals. to arrive at a conclusion of the best rapper there would have to be a mass comparison of every rapper alive, dead, depending on the depth of the question that's being asked. this is impossible not only because the millions of artist out there but also because of there differnt ideas and views on topics. comparing lil wayne and eminem is like trying to compare Aristotels veiws on Morality and St. Aquinas 5 proofs of god. while they both are brilliant philosophers they are interpretating different branches of philosophy. therefore to arrive at who is better than who would be illogical.

    i hope somewhere in my rambling i made somewhat of a clear point. i welcome anyone who wishes to add or dissagree with something i have said.
  2. I've always had a hard time choosing who could be defined as the "best rapper". There are so many aspects to consider (lyricism, style, influence, flow...) that there isn't really a clear cut choice for "The Best Rapper" or whatever. I guess the same can be said for the "greatest athlete" and other likewise titles.

    I agree that you really can't compare all rappers either. Comparing, lets say Biggie, who rapped about street life and hard times, to say, Lil' Wayne, who's music is hollow and extremely materialistic, is like comparing apples to oranges.

    I hope that makes sense. You do have some good points
  3. bottom line the only best rapper is the one YOU, YOU"RE SELF think is the best
  4. yeah everyone rele has there own top 5, but if u ask them the top 5 rappers ever u get the same 5 responses basically.

    me personally my top 3 are
    1. eminem
    2. nas
    3. game

    i just hate wen other people put u down for what music u like. but also, if ur swearin up n down by lets say gucci mane or rick ross, and u sayin everyone else sucks then u deserve the hate lol
  5. you both make the point that hip hop is too broad to simply state who is the best. this answer is also often very biased because most people say the best rapper is that persons favorite rapper from a specific sub-genre of hip hop. in other words their favorite artist come from their favorite specific likings and personal opinions. so basically as long as we all have different thoughts and beliefs, there will never be a clear and decisive "best", and there shouldnt be, because those type of questions are too broad to begin with.

    sorry if that was difficult to understand, i'm having a tough time putting my thoughts into words right now lol :smoke:
  6. while personal opinion does play a vital role in determining who should hold the title of best rapper there are other aspects that need to be identified, by definition in order to become the best rapper you would have to address every topic a previous rapper has mentioned in his work. if an artist has failed to do so i believe he or she cannot hold the title of best rapper because they have not shown they are better than that artist at rapping on that subject.

    this is another idea/thought that came to me, i hope it makes sense, it's sorta a new approach to look at the question "who is the best rapper".
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    I feel the same way but face it a rapper that lives up to YOU'RE or MY standards may not appeal to the next person

    for instance the best imo is krayzie bone for many reasons he lives up to my standards. HE has the deep lyrical content, he has stayed consistent for 15 years and his flow is untouched..But krayzie bone does not have a shit load of punchlines and metaphors, while I find that good thing YOU or other people my not like that.....I think Krayzie bone's flow is untouched but you or others may not.
  8. tl;dr but obviously no such thing as best rapper as music tastes obviously differ from person to person.

    I'd say Madlib is the best producer and rapper, some would say he loops ancient music and sings too much about weed.

    The best rapper is the one who gets played on your list most often.

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