Best Rap Songs of ALL-TIME!?!?!

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  1. sup, I wanted to know what ya'll think are some of the best rap songs of all time?

    i would say :(in no particular order)
    1)Royce Da 59' - King Of Kings
    2) DMX - Damien III
    3)2pac - God Bless The Dead
    4) Biggy - Juicy
    5)Biggy - Warning
    6)Biggy - Gimme tha Loot
    4)2pac - Thug In you, Thug In me
    5)Wu-tang clan - Triumph
    6) wu-tang clan - C.R.E.A.M
    7)West Side Connections - Gangster, Killer, And the Dope Dealer
    8)Snoop Dogg - Nuttin but a G thang
    9)Snoop and Dre - 187 on the undercover cop (remix)
    10)Rakim - When I be on the mic
    11)Rakim - R.A.K.I.M
    12)NWA - Chin Check
    13)NWA - Fuck Tha Police
    14)NWA - Straight Outta Compton
    15)Nas - New York State Of Mind
    16)Nas - Represent
    17)Nas - The World is Yours ( illmatic SICK ALBUM)
    18)Mobb deep - Quiet Storm
    19)Mobb Deep - Shook Ones
    20)Mobb Deep - hell On earth
    21)Jay - Z, Dre, Rakim n some - The Watcher 2
    22)Ice Cube - Keep It gangsta
    23)Ice Cube - Ghetto Vet
    24)Ice Cube - Pushin Weight
    25)GangStar - You Know my Steez
    26)Gangstar - Above the Clouds
    27)Gangstar - Mafia
    28)Dre - Still Dre
    29)DMX - Here comes the Boom
    30)DMX - Slippin
    31)Cam'ron - What Means the World to Me?
    32)Bone Thugs - Ak47
    33)Bone Thugs - Crossroads
    34)BOne Thugs - Notorious Thugs
    35)Bone Thugs - East 1999
    36)Bone thugs - Thuggish Ruggish bone
    37)Biggy - Machine Gun Funk
    38)Big L - Put It On
    39)Big L _- Size Em up
    40)2pac - Old school
    41)2pac - Still ballin
    42) 2pac - Krazy
  2. BEST SONG EVER: 2pac Ftruing Nas: Thugz Mansion

    Very easy to get into, chill song, deep, but still has evertyihg a good rap song does
  3. 2 pac and Phil Collins - In the air tonight remix

    2 pac - Me and my girlfriend

    2 pac - Changes

    2 pac - Life goes on

    Bone Thugs - Resurrection

    Bizzy Bone - Thugz Cry

    Biggy - Ten Crack Commandments
  4. lol puff for the nwa u can not forget boyz in tha hood
  5. Ice cube-wicked
    nwa-fuck the police
    ice cube-ganzta fairy tale
    2 pac- thug in you thug in me
    RUN DMC-It's tricky
    Cypress hill-dr greenthumb
    quarashi-the baseline

    I think PuFFPuFFPaSS420 got most Of the one I was going to list so I guess the rest of my list pretty much duplicates yours.
  6. some good 1s r.........
    youngbloodz -cadillac pimpin
    lil john n e. side boys -get low
    3-6mafia -ridin' spinners
    50 -wut up gangstaaa
    mystical - danger and shake ya ass
    puff n biggie -been around the world
    TI -24's
    Clipse -got damn n grindin
  7. Em's first CD
    Anything by tupac or biggie
  8. snoop - gin & juice
  9. i heard gin n juice on the radio today, damn that is a tight song, but almost all of snoop is good.
  10. someone go out and download secret wars by the last emperor and tell me what u think. If u have heard of all the mc's he talks about you will love the song. personally one of my fav tracks ever. Oh and liquid swords by the gza. and cold world. ok i gotta stop ur gettin me thinkin to much.
  11. 1) kottonmouth kings - kings blend
    best bud song period.
    2)three six mafia - bin ladin
    anotha really good bud song
    3) nas - purple
    great to listen when chillin
    4) twista - adrenaline rush
    damn he's fast
    5) eminem - conspiracy freestyle
    dis freestyle is sum tha best sh't i ever heard spit
  12. three 6 mafia's "life or death" is great on a good system.
    tech n9ne is my favorite rapper. there's one GREAT song by him you probably won't find on kazaa, and if you do it's hard to get. at least when i tried to get it. it's called "breathe" check it out.
  13. not too huge on the rap, but i like a few.... i like eminem, 50, dre, snoop, and some d12

    d12 - fight music
    eminem/50cent - patiently waiting
    bone/biggy - lets ride

    cant think of too many more names, but i do like a bit more
    (im high)

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