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best rap punchlines you've hear

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by popsson, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. cassidy said:
    "why you worried bout the feds man?/ when the only coke you hold in soda in a red can"
    "i stunt cause i PUMP crack/ if you dudes whore my chain for a MONTH u'd be hunchback"
    "in 9 3,i used to GRIND TREE, i was workin with nickles/ but TIMES change so the GRIND change im working with snifles"
    "the band and the bezzle rocked off/ so my body temp will rise if i took my watch off"
    Jr writer said:
    "you've never spent a day movin nickels/ i keep the caine like like im disable or cripple"
    Lloyd Banks:
    Ya chicks a hoe thats why I got her blowin on me like Nintendo games (ya'll know about those dusty Nintendo games...impressive)
    Big L said:
    "Ask Beavis i Get Nuthin BUTt-HEAD"
    Eminim said:
    "i'll leave u disfigured/ and stiffer than Christiphor (reeves)"
  2. pretty sure it was JR Writer who said this...

    "Got guns, like an old Robert DeNiro, Catch you outside, and imma Rob Yo Deniro." It was something like that... dont recall exact lyrics, but i remember going "ahhhh!!!" in my head.
  3. that sounds like the dips
  4. From the Next Episode off of Dre's 2001:

    "Hey, hey, hey......Smoke weed everyday"
  5. ^^lmao. not really a punchline but classic
  6. " Act hard , n ill clap-you-dawg , turn ya adams-apple to apple-sauce " - Cass
    " you ******'ll get 8 (ate) like 4 x 2 " -Pap
    " you in lux-house , my friend you'll get duffed-out like u drinkin wit homer-simpson " - Loaded Lux
    " best believe i aint takin an L , imma treat him like a turtle , put his face in a shell" - Murda Mook

    few i remember
  7. "you dont work you dont eat you dont grind you dont shine " mike jones
    "you got 2 ears 1 mouth so you hear twice as much as you hear"
  8. not punchlines :p
  9. "You stuck on yo'self and I don't know why... trick you so ugly, you make me wanna cry... Her body so curvy and her face like wow... beat it at night, day time? Hell No!... I know it might hurt, but I got to speak the truth, you look like Danny Glover in a Baby Phat suit" --From "Buttahead" by Southern Drama
  10. ^^ +rep didnt even think about buttahead. haha ((Its D4L, Souther Drama is the mixtape it was on))

    "your bumpers like WHOA!, you sorta like a beat up chevy, sittin on 24's... what you lookin @? NOT ME! your face looks like a tyson fight after round three. YUP! thats what i said... only cuz yous, a butta head!!!"
  11. Wow duke, you suck at life.

    Umm shit...so manny..probably "you say he drink a lot, well hunn, take this forty to the neck"-Reed Dollaz(watch out for boy, hes illll)
  12. ^^ lol.

    "you look like AJ, wid an ass like Free"
  13. "Fuckin punk, you aint a leader what? nobody followed you, you was neva shit, ya mother shoulda swallowed you"- Big L '98 freestyle
  14. " me spittin? thats some real hard shit , how yo got me battlein the milky bar kid?!
    n im spittin this real hard , last night i let his mom suck on my milky bar! " - Professor Green
  15. All you ni66as pussy lick my lips and i can tase ih' (it) man you prolly got a pussy have you looked between your legs yet?
  16. Jr Writer- Im so nice it look like i just got out of anger management classes

    Hell Rell- They call Iverson when the BEFF ALL DONE/CUZ YOLL BE HOOKED ON IV in the ER SON

    Method Man-Im a 4 mic emcee with 5 mic potential/underated cuz you cant underdstand what ive been thru


    Lloyd Banks- I got connects i dont need no WEED/ Ive been in LA for a year now so I DONT SEE NO SEEDS!!!

    I have to many favorites. Those are just some that pop off in my head. Up to this day Big L reminas my fav =]
  17. clipse had some nice ones.

    cassidy: i'm dying to bet,you feel as though i aint the best, prove im lying if i aint correct/ im the doc, i give you dog shots, but i aint the vet/ and i got dough so i aint upset/
  18. Biggie : I got technics dripping out my but checks I Sleep on my stomach so I don't fuck up my sheets!;)
  19. mary mangalin i never knew her, ill probaly srew her and dump her body in the sewer-biggie smalls
  20. Dr. Dre: So fuck Charlie Manson, snatch him out his truck, hit him with a brick and i'm dancin'

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