Best Rap Beef's

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  1. What's your favorite beef jams of all time?

    I'd have to say my favorite is Ether by Nas. :smoke:
  2. hit em up by 2 pac.

    hands down.

    another good one is marshall mathers by eminem, he disses the shit out of insane clown posse.

    i hear they're cool now, wtf?
  3. been bangin the fuck outta this one past couple days.. brand spankin' new

    [ame=""]YouTube - G-Unit - I'll Be The Shooter Official Music Video [Rick Ross Diss][/ame]
  4. pretty much what i was going to say.. pac gets so pissed off on hit em up.. i always feed off the energy on that song. eminem torched insande clown posse and benzino
  5. yeah, dude it's fucking crazy when i listen to that song, its like i feel his anger. shit.

    and yeah he owned them. especially in that song where he disses benzino callled nail in the coffin.
  6. yea benzino shut the fuck up after that
  7. lol.
    so benzino's like an old dude or something?
    he says he's a grandpa...
  8. he's almost 50
  9. I can faithfully say I have never listened to G-unot. I hate 50s fake image. I would rather listen to Kayne West.
  10. lol damn.. no wonder.

    yeah dude but did you hear about how eminem and icp are cool now?

    supposively he let them open up for him in detroit as a peace offering...
  11. what??? maybe its a detroit love thing.. ems getting older now.. probably sick of beefing with clowns. i remember a few years back, juggalos HATED eminem.. i wonder what they think of him now
  12. i feel the same.. i'd rather listen to benzino
  13. yeah i guess everyone's gotta grow up some time.
  14. the game - 300 bars
    jay-z - the takeover
    eminem, 50, banks - bump heads (ja rule diss)
    50 cent- back down
    joe buddens - pain in his life (saigon diss)
  15. nobody has mentiond ETHER by nas when he wipes his ass with jay-z, and jay-z came back with weak ass Superugly lol
  16. Check out benzino's raps back at emeinem. I'm high and don't remember the names right now, but one of em he says he's the one that had proof killed. This is also rumoured to be the reason eminem quit spitting for a while. The beef escalated too far when his boy got killed, and haley's name got brought up. Check both sides of beefs! Eminem is the better mc though.
  17. Benzino is horrible. His songs just sound like shit. 50's albums and what not arent that good either but when he gets on a track with Em and they are beefing with someone he comes up with some pretty good shit. But Benzino is just shit, he like talks doesnt even sound like hes rapping.
  18. yeah benzino would try and act like it was a mafia style hit designed by him.. i wonder how long it took him to come up with that track. he doesnt seem smart enough to think up a good rhyme right on the spot.
  19. Ether- Jay Z gets the lyrical smackdown by Nasty NAS

    No Vaseline- Ice Cube rips the remnents of NWA a new one

    Real Muthaphuckin Gs- Eazy won with this one, far as Im concerned. An excellent comeback to Fuck Wit Dre Day

  20. no ether??

    takeover was very good, but ether was definitely superior in my opinion.

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