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Best, quickest, most effective edible?Urgent

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kanadiankush28, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. #1 kanadiankush28, Nov 18, 2014
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    Hey guys well basically im in a bad situation and not allowed to smoke at all (i got booked/caught). So, im wondering if I have about 1 hour of time to make something that will not dank too hard and makes me hella stoned. I have zero expierience with edibles btw and I have a decent tolerance. I've been smoking for a year, (some times daily, sometimes weekly). I'm don't want to digest a whole g in one time, im looking for a good effective method where I can have seperate doses( 4 bites 0.25, or split it 0.5) and be able to get extremely high. Alright, I'm looking forward to trying my first edible, since im not allowed to smoke at all, I want something that will put me back to my first highs, those were something :smoke:
    EDIT: If it helps, I usually use from .3 - .4 in the bong :bongin:  to get my usual high. And 1 fat bowl gets me quite high.

  2. Move out of mom and dads place. Pay your own way, do what you want.
  3. Not the answer I'm looking for bro. Don't reply if your not going to be any of help. Thanks.
    Classic answer from a child living at home. "I want the answer my way." A mature person would think along the lines of "maybe I need to accept that. lol. 
  5. i don't understand. If you got in trouble for smoking marijuana, you will get in trouble for eating it too.
  6. Why are you even talking? You had to make a 3rd reply for no reason. If your not going to help or say something positive, don't bother than.
    I can easily simply eat a sandwich/edible in front of someone/public or even in front of tables. And I don't have anything to use for smoking anymore, lol (i'm not making a homemade bowl,etc). But yeah, that's why.
    Well because you keep replying. If got nothing for smoking shake down your parents couch for change and buy rolling papers. You do know how to roll, right?
  8. #9 iphidamas, Nov 18, 2014
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    so what do u expect to do about the smell of it cooking? im guarantee you youre better off smoking somewhere that isnt home than cooking weed at home.
    *unless* you make a firecracker and instead of cooking it you let it sit somewhere for a few days.
  9. If I were you. I wouldn't bother with edibles at all. Stick to stealth smoking, or just quit for a while if you feel you need to.
  10. My local pot shop has 400mg dose carmel for $16 a piece. good times bro.
  11. Lol, I can roll in my sleep, actually lol Im pretty good with rolling and tbh I can do stealth smoking easily but I really want to try edibles for some reason, I might try the easy peanut butter method, it seems quite good since I LOVE peanut butter.
  12. I don't like edibles. Too unpredictable.

    Amateur and professional edibles makers can never get the dosage right, so you end up buying something either much stronger or weaker than advertised.
  13. I love edibles, but it's not worth it if you have to be sneaky about it. You need a stove and an oven to get the best out of your edibles. If your living with your parents and they're not cool I would just advice you to chill for the time being...
    Just my .02 cents..
    4 post it took to get the truth out, fucking waste of time.
  15. Lol, that's not the truth u wasteyute, you keep making dumbass replies. fuckboi
    You live at home,can not form proper sentences nor spell correctly. Keep living the good life bra. 

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