Best Quality and yielding Indoor Strains?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by droski456, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Ok guys been doing this for along time indoors. And I've been curious for quite sometime what are the best overall strains for indoor growing. I already know my favorites but thats not why I'm making this thread I wanna hear everyone else's storys and oppinions on there nicest grown strains. And maybe will have a few strains in common. Help me get this going guys I really would like to know your guys strains and if its one I haven't had a chance to grow I might pick it up my next go through.  ;)

  2. This is a good thread im wondering the same thing. too bad no one is answering. Come one ppl, whats that one strain that when you hear its name you want and need to buy it from your dealer????
  3. Bump

    Who Dat!
  4. Greencrack
    Blue Cheese
    Thai Stick
    Skunk #1
    Northern Lights
    Great White Shark
    any Haze
    Or any really old seeds from someone's old stash, like 70s or 80s herb.

    Twas Ever Thus!
  5. Cannabis :)

    I liked my Northern Lights, I learned a lot and they just kept on ticking along without any problems. Definitely great for new indoor growers.
  6. blue cheese
    exodus cheese
    blue venom
    skunk mass

    sent from the middle o nowhere
  7. Love this thread. Keep em coming.
    I was looking for the best old time favorites that have an established history or quality. I was reading some of these new strains that are supposed to be the greatest thing aren't really.

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