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  1. I am looking to find which board to use. I am thinking of using 4x 3500k + 660nm Red boards. Or be better off getting 3x 4000k boards and then get 3x 2700k + 660nm boards I would probably power them seperately (using 2x 3XXwatt meanwell driver) or at that point would I just be better off using a 600 watt MH for Veg and then just get 4x 2700k + 660nm Boards for flowering and then save up for 4x 4000k LM301H

    Looking at growing 8 plants in a 5x5 tent. I currently have a 600watt air cooled Light setup (MH/HPS) but I want to make things more energy efficient.

    TL;DR - Need to purchase correct Kelvin scale led light for Veggy - Flower or use MH for Veggy with QB Flowering
  2. The 3500k seems to do well for both. But I like the idea of the 4000k and the 2700k also
  3. Yeah if you have the money.
    But I don't see how U will fit 8 in a 5x5, 4 is squished in mine and thinking of going back to 3 plants
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    Image is showing current setup and height of plants using 3 gallon pots

    Im not sure how its going to work either? But my plants I grew this time round sucked in size.

    Week 5 flowering. - Imgur.jpg
    Those are my current Plants, 2 on the right side of picture are Purple Kush, Left side top is White widow, and Bottom left is Trainwreck.

    I have them on 12/12 light under a 600watt HPS light. I have issues with humidity and I cant afford to buy a Dehumidifier but I do not think my Buds are being affected ( I full out could be wrong by this.) They are in 3 gallon pots (my error I must have been higher then hell when I made the amazon order I have 5 gallons for next grow). I am changing my soil to the Promix HP M mix (I was using Promix HP mix), I have a 6" booster fan bringing air from outside (Maybe I can get it from garage now that its warmer) that runs at a lower CFM (240 vs my Outbound air thats being sucked through a 6" carbon filter (Vivosun) with a Vivosun 6inch 390 CFM Inline duct fun).
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  5. I run 6 plants in my 5x5 in gal plastic pots and they are a little squished if you ran 8 you would want to flower them out pretty small. 6 in 3 gal is probably your max. I'm running a mix of x4 2700k QB 288's and a 315watt 4100k CMH. 600 watt HID in a 5x5 is actually a bit underpowered. I'm throwing around 700 watts of QB/CMH which I think is plenty only because of how the light is spread out. Even then I can see some of the buds furthest away from the light are under-performing compared to the others getting more direct light. You would be fine getting the 3500k for flower. When I ran just the straight 2700k QB boards my plants actually sucked which is why I now run the 4100k CMH fuller specturm along with added IR and UV light Yeilds jumped to around 5 ish ounces per plant or around 1.2gpw if you are into that BS
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  6. Ok so with my beginner skills and all that into account, we are gonna try for 6 and try scrogging it better this time around. I will go ahead with the 3500k lights
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