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best PSA ever, I'll never smoke weed again!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by old cat lady, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. fucking lol.

  2. This is cornier than my shit after a night of eating Shepard's Pie.
  3. i laughed so hard when he shoved the smaller kid for no reason... random scraps like that were so common back in my schools.
  4. Drugs made me cool, he must be doing them wrong silly noobs
  5. Yeah I remember my highschool days pushing yalo to the kids telling them it would make them cool.
    except nobody does that, retards.
  6. Cool story, bro. Tell it again.
  7. say it to ma face
  8. Wait so I'm not cool?
  9. Whats marijuana?
  11. They say you should learn about *drugs* but they don't even address the hard drugs at all in that video.
  12. Time to Make my own, anti drug vid coming soon
  13. [ame=]HEADSTASH PSA - Smoke DZA (Substance Abuse 1.5 The Headstash Mixtape) - YouTube[/ame]

  14. Lol "SAY IT TO MY FACE MAN, COME ON SAY IT TO MY FACE." I also like how he gets all in his friends faces and his moms face but when his teacher disrespects him its all cool.
  15. Here is their "documentary" on drug use.

    One of the most factually incorrect videos I've seen. They basically just lump weed in w/ every other drug out there, then spew random effects of hardcore drugs and flash pictures of weed in your face.

    Best fact: Did you know if you smoke weed, later on in your life you can have "flashbacks" where all of a sudden you randomly feel the effects of the drug again. What a joke -_-
  16. I wish.:(
  17. If I can get high now and then just randomly get high again later for no reason I would buy weed like 2x a year.
  18. lol awesome ad.

    cause weed makes me have family issues and instils a crazy mentality to randomly beat my friends.....
  19. they dont make you cool?? fuck well guess im done then... see ya guys:hide:

  20. love how he decides to doze off in class when he's sitting in the front.

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