Best product for pest control during flowering?

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  1. Hello lady's and gents, this is my first Grow and so far it's going amazing. I have two plants I'm putting a lot of tlc into, they are both about 7ft, and bushy, outdoors in smart pots. Climate in NorCal has been hot anywhere from 90-103 and quite dry where I live.
    So far I have not any any incestations, but I have seen some white flies, lots of ants lately, and I hear spider mites are quite the thing up here. I have done some preventative spraying with neem oil, and green cleaner.
    But know I am in flower and the last thing I want is all of my hard work out the window by a pest infestations. My main concerns would be sounder mites and these little black ants I see crawling around.
    What do you guys recommend using?
    Please include pro's and cons, and things to swatch out for.
    Thanks for all your input!

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  2. Pro, you'll have bigger yield and maintain quality.

    Con, can damage flowers if done wrong, can affect taste, and can even be toxic.

    I use BT for caterpillars and spinosad for everything else. I spray the lollipopped section and soil with a coat of neem every 3-5days
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  3. You can also shower the plant with hydrogen peroxide and molasses. That'll kill mites and other bugs. If you want to get rid of an infestation then do it 7days straight to kill all stages
  4. Gotcha, is there really anything that is "safe on flowers"

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  5. I don't like Need, BT or spinosad anymore. All will test in your concentrates.

    My answer for flowering plants..........

    Essential oils. Pure Organic brand organic essential oils. Apply 10-35 drops per gallon. Preventive 10 drops, break outs up to 35 drops. You can buy these online or at GNC stores. Very cost effective. Also, if you buy the citrus types in flower, it adds terps to the product. Very slightly but shouldn't go unnoticed.

    Nuke Em. Kills Pm and mites.

    Grandevo Kills mites

    Venerate. This is a little harsh on plants. Kills mites

    Good luck
  6. I have heard about peroxide or alcohol and molasses before, and people swear by it. What's up with the sugar, I don't understand that part? That for plant health which helps deter bugs, or does the sugar do something to the bugs?
  7. Using of neem oil, habanero spray, and an organic pesticide is also beneficial for flowering.

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