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best premix soil?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by zeig, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. I'm in ohio, and i'm putting my babies in the ground soon (within a day or two) so i need to get soil, ill mix a little native in but i need a premix cuz i cant go in my house to mess with soil.

    what do you prefer/suggest?:confused:
  2. Ocean Forrest, Black Gold or Happy frog. Got alot n wanna save money then use earthsource at home depot
  3. might look at earthsource, it high in N?
  4. High enough to work, it also has perlite, peatmoss, and few other nice things. You can add worm castings (or just some worms from local bait shop) and bat guano to bump it up. You can use chemical nutes too (steroids) but be careful you can easily fry you plants. Start a 1/4 recommended amounts if you go that route. If for just yourself keep it tasty n go organic.
  5. i'm keepin her tasty, thanks. so what are worm castings and why add'em?
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    Worm poop.

    When worms consume the soil they excrete valuable biomatter after they digest the microorganisms.

    That biomatter helps to maintain healthy soil balances.

    I simply throw worms in my pots, that way I get free worm castings.

    I'm lucky that the soil in my grow location is chock full of worms.

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