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  1. Hello everyone... I have a number of small plants ready to be transplanted. initially I was going to put them directly into the ground but we have had three hail warnings this week alone. I think I should put them in pots so I can move them undercover when bad weather threatens. I'm trying to determine the best size of pot that will allow the maximum yield but still be easy enough to move. I was looking at fabric pots and trying to decide between those and plastic pots. If I want to be able to move the plants around am I better to go with plastic or fabric and also what size?
  2. Most fabric pots have handles which makes them easier to carry. 10 gallon pots are fairly heavy when wet. And a pretty good size.
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  3. Fabric or plastic is based on local conditions. A fabric doesn't do well here in the desert southwest. They dry out to fast.
    Size should be based on what you can lift and carry or roll around. If your alone in your endeavors I'd say a 5 gallon limit. If you have help then a 15 gallon.

    SIPs do best here as I don't have to water them every day and I can treat them the same as my inground plants as far as water needs go.
    (SIP = self irrigating planter)
    SIP support plates
    Plastic bottles cut for support of the plate.
    Support plate installed with wicking cups and fill pipe.
    Finished SIP with overflow hole
    Several sizes

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  4. Plastic pots will retain more heat. Fabric pots allow more air flow. If you put fabric pots on top of soil the roots will grow through and into the ground. It wont hurt to break them though if you need to move them
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  5. That's a pretty slick set up...I don't mind watering a lot. My plants will be out by the barn and I'm out there a few times a day day tending animals. So if necessary I could water that much.

    One thing I noticed was the rope handled bins you have in the photos. If I went with plastic pots, that's what I was thinking of using. The only thing I was worried about was if I went to carry those pails full of dirt that the rope handles might pop out and I might drop the plant. The other idea I had was to use a refrigerator dolly to move them. Do you think that would work with those plastic pots or with a similar-sized fabric pot? Also is 17 to 20 gallons big enough for a decent yield?
  6. When they are new and in good shape I've moved the 17 gallons jobs full of Ice and cold drinks without handle issues. Mine have been in the sun for years now and I wouldn't try it as old as they are.
    The big SIPs yield almost as much as my in ground plants do so it's a good size for a medium plant.
    Won't get a 10 pound plant like a 100 gallon bag will but it's still movable and that is what your after.

  7. It's my first time ever trying this and I have no idea what to expect for yields... I don't need a 10lb plant. I only need to produce about 2-3 lbs/year and I'm allowed 8 plants. I have CB Diesel, White Widow and Green Crack. I'm not even sure how big they'll grow or what the yield will be. As long as I can produce say 3 lbs/year I will be happy. So I probably don't need 100 gallon pots but I read somewhere that putting them in pots that are too small will decrease yield. I'm looking for a nice balance. I'd like an adequate yield with plants that are movable. Because if they're not movable there will be no yield at all lol! There's a good chance we will get at least one big hail storm this year.

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