Best pots for auto flowers?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bgibs, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. This is the pot that was recommended but it looks way to big for my 4 x 2 x 5 tent. Any recommendations on pot size?

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  2. I think autos you want at least a 5 gallon pot
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  3. Does that picture I sent you look like a 5 gallon?
  4. Get a 5 gallon bucket and drill holes in the bottom.

    Probably much cheap then that pot
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  5. What worries me is the size. I'm afraid my flowers won't have enough space in my 5ft tent
  6. $3 eaxh at home depot

    Holy shit, its not butter?
  7. Then get a lower bigger pot.

    You can grow huge plants in only 12inch of soil but it has to be a larger area
  8. That must be the key. I will check local stores and see what they have. I just can't have a 2ft tall planter in the growing space I am using. I only want to grow 2 plants for my first grow. One is auto GDP and the other is auto GSC
  9. You could even use a store container. Just what ever you use make sure it has holes in the bottom and it's not see through


    Something like this could do. I would look for something at least 8 inches deep
  10. I got 12 zips last grow in two pots just like that with same sized tent as yours but I grew photoperiod plants those will work just fine

    Only two plants by the way and six weeks veg time

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  11. I thought 5 gallon smart pots. The 5 gallon buckets will work good to and there probably Cheaper.
    Good Luck

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  12. 5 gallon buckets are two tall for someone with a five foot tent and any kind cooling hood you got to get creative to get a three foot tree you can't have a two foot tall bucket in there no matter if it's cheaper or not sometimes you just got to figure shit out

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  13. You planning on lsting

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  14. Buckets suck, even when potting up. Use fabric pots for best results.
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  15. I grow in 2x4x5s I use either 5 or 15 gallon fabric pots depending on what I'm doing.
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