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  1. Hello there... I have a number of small plants that are ready to be transplanted. Initially I was going to put them directly into the ground but we have had three hail warnings this week alone. I want to be able to move the plant indoors during inclement weather. I've been weighing the pros and cons of fabric vs. Plastic and would like to go with fabric. The one thing I'm concerned about is moving them. I'm worried about them tearing or root disturbance during transport. I also am not sure of the optimal size. I've read everything from 5 gallons up to a hundred. I was thinking around 20?

  2. 25gal grow bags are move friendly and I've had good success. 20gal will be easier to move. Anything bigger will not move easily and my 65 gal grow bags are stuck where they are as they are considerably heavy. As for disturbing the root ball or tearing I have not had any issues with that. I have an auto that's in the last weeks of flower that I move indoors at night just to keep the dew off the buds. Best of wishes.
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  3. Just get a dolly.
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  4. Do you carry them or use a dolly?


  5. The 25 gallons I have to drag by the handle. If I have to pick them up say to put them on the porch it's kinda hard to do without another person when there is a larger plant in them.

    Best of wishes.

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