Best pot movie ever.

Discussion in 'General' started by Madmike420, Aug 14, 2003.


Best pot movie ever?

  1. Half Baked

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  2. Cheech n Chong (All)

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  3. How High

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  4. Dude Wheres My Car

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  1. so whats yours?
  2. well seeing as there are over like 30 threads to this type of question, i still gotta go w/ my all time favorite,
    Easy Rider....
    there are many more than you listed there my friend, those arne't even that good (half baked and cheech and chong are good).
  3. mmmm half baked
  4. hmmm tough one..
  5. Blow from 2001 had to be the best movie.
    With george jung from massachusetts.

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  6. lol i'm for springfield ma.
  7. Up in Smoke by CnC
  8. twin town

    sweet movie

    go check it out
  9. How about Fear And Loathing In Los Vages.
    I know its not realy a stoner flick, but more of a every drug in the world movie. Here i thought i knew how to party.
  10. big jim says half baked u cant get any better then that my firends and in australia a bowls is the thing u chop in ,

    we have bowl( see above)

    cone (the thing u pack)

    bong(ur smoking device)

    there the aussie ones for translation
  11. sorry about that mate for writing that only the first half applies too you iam very stoned.
    the second half of it was supposed to be in another thread sorry about that mate.
  12. Natural Born Killers is not really a stoner movie but pretty trippy when watched stoned....Im votin for Half Baked a classic stoner movie, will never get old......~PeAcE~

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  13. the best pot movie without a doubt has to be half baked......never gets old.....but always watch while blazed....never when sober haha
  14. Dazed and confused is a pretty good one
  15. dude wheres my car isnt about smoking weed... they smoke like 2 times when that dog tokes ! lol.. my fav. is how high
  16. hell yea how high is the shit.....they are smokin every minute of that movie....smoke....stroke

  17. yeah that was a good movie too..
  18. Dude wheres my car was about 2 stoners.
  19. Ya guys ever see "The Wash" with Snoop Dog? Snoop is smokin like eery scene.....check it out.....~PeAcE~
  20. clockwork orange....not about weed at all but is awesome when youre high

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