Best Pot in Seattle?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by psychOdelic, Sep 12, 2007.

  1. Ok so I had a question...I was talking to a friend recently and he told me that Seattle has the best pot. The kind where you take two tokes and you're high as a kite. ANyways is this true, that Seattle has the best pot?

    I always here people saying this place has the best pot or that place has the best pot.
  2. Pretty sure Holland has the best bud, as thats where alot of seedbanks are, closely followed by Canada, It would then be probably Central Asia where many fire strains grow wild, such as Afghani. Then I would have to guess Hawaii, followed by California.

    This would just be me purely speculating tho.
  3. So isn't it really the "quality" of the seed that matters rather than where it's from?
  4. I think Northern Lights came out of the PNW originally but I'm not sure if it was Seattle. Hard to say any specific area has the best pot. Obviously places like Amsterdam and California will have a lot of good weed because it's much more easily accessable. With the proliferation of indoor grows and ability to easily order seeds good weed can be just about anywhere. Outdoors is a different story but I don't think Seattle would rank up there with some of the places AAckley1 mentioned.
  5. hmm ok, yeah that makes sense, thanks for the help, guys.:)

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