best pot for long term mother plant, 3 gal smart pot vs 5 gal

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  1. whats better for a mother plant that i intend to keep for a while. i have a five gallon plastic bucket and alot of 3 gal smart pots? are the extra 2 gallons better then having the roots airprune themselves? thanks
  2. Have you ever seen air pots? They come as a flat piece of plastic and you roll the plastic around a circular bottom piece. The whole thing has holes in it so the roots get a lot of oxygen, and wont ever get root-bound. A lot less likely to get root rot too. I guess they are new? I havent seen anyone else using them, or talking about them. They come in all sizes and I highly recommend them after using them compared to normal pots.
  3. How old do you plant to let them get? And do you plan on pruning the roots? These are both huge factors. If you're not going to prune, there's a good guideline to pot size in Jorge Cervantes Indoor/Outdoor bible:
    Here is the excerpt
  4. my opinion the best pot for a mother I something small like a 4" square pot.
  5. thanks everyone ill check out the resources you posted. fyi i have lots of "air pots/bags" sitting around and will probably end up using that, now what to do with the odd 5 gal plastic bucket left over from an old set up...i guess you can never have to many ladies
  6. Thanks Doki!

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